The Return of Tim: The Cool Kids


Zack’s Note: Wow, it’s like a reunion here at ATG. First Adrian comes back from a 6 month hiatus, then this. Welcome Tim back to the ATG crew. Excuse the “Mixtape Mondays” logo while we come up with a new nickname for Tim’s random posts. Also note that Tim wrote this weeks ago, so it’s a bit out of date due to my laziness.

Sorry for my Dave Chappelle-like disappearance from this site. I don’t think anyone really cares, but I’m just being polite. So let’s Barack and Roll*:

coolkids.jpg A great site for discovering new music, meeting new friends, and containing a world of possibilities for looking like a creep with a bad comb-over. But it’s also how producer Chuck Inglish met Mikey Rocks to come together and become The Cool Kids. This Chicago-based (oh not the Chicago bias again) retro-rap hipster-hop duo has beats that would make Dr. Dre bob his head to and lyrics that give hip-hop a proud name in an age of shame (yeah, I’m talking about YOOOOOOUUUU!). This music allows you to listen to fun old-school hip-hop with Neptunes-ian contemporary beats. I would recommend every song on their album, Totally Flossed Out, but I can’t post the whole album here, so I chose only two. Who knew that rapping about Fruity Pebbles, BMX bikes and Sega Genesis could be so mesmorizing (see: “A Little Bit Cooler”). The highlight of the album, of course, is the first single, “I (Mikey) Rock”, which features an infectious hook and is just all around AWESOME.

MP3: The Cool Kids – “A Little Bit Cooler” [zshare]
MP3: The Cool Kids – “I (Mikey) Rock” [zshare]


*from Friendly, Zack. Away message. January 20th, 2007

6 Responses to The Return of Tim: The Cool Kids

  1. TJ says:

    AWESOME should have been replaced with “so tight”, tim.

  2. travaris says:

    man this shit sucks… who is this guy??

  3. Zack says:


  4. Chicago says:

    I do like myspace

  5. Judge Mental says:

    I’m Mikey. I Rock.

  6. Chuck says:

    Its water under the bridge

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