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Surprise! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here on ATG, but I want to assure you all that I’m back for good and I won’t be taking anymore long vacations. I would have preferred to return with a bang, preferrably à la belated-Best of 2007 list, but I’m still putting the finishing touches on it. Instead, I’ll begin with a post on a band that made quite an exciting announcement today regarding their signing to a new record label that’s known to be home to the “next big thing.”

You may recall on my Best of 2006 list I mentioned a band called Set Your Goals and their album Mutiny!. I found the music of this Bay Area five-piece to be both refreshing and exciting; they took everything I loved about old school punk (i.e., the attitude, the fast-paced instrumentals, and oh yes – the gang vocals) and mashed it together with the melody and catchiness of pop-punk. Well, 2007 saw the rise of a band that basically takes a similar musical approach but surpasses SYG in all senses (much love to Set Your Goals!).

Hailing from Boston, Four Year Strong are appealing in the same way as Set Your Goals – they balance melody with aggression. However, what I like better about FYS is that not only do they incorporate punk elements into their music, but they also draw a little bit from metal bands as can be heard through their frequent use of rapid guitar-muting and double bass pedal. And they have a keyboardist too, so I that brings a little more variety to the band. I also find FYS to be a little heavier on the pop-punk side, which, depending on your musical taste, could be a good or bad thing. But compared to SYG, most of the tracks off of Four Year Strong’s latest full-length, Rise Or Die Trying, to be a lot more easier to go crazy/sing along with.

As I began to mention earlier, Four Year Strong recently signed to Decaydance Records, a label that has been home to so many of the bands you love like…Panic at the Disco! So this pretty much means that there will only be good things in this band’s future – all the more reason to check out their music.

…They’re also giving away their album for free for a week so there’s no reason not to listen. But if you’re not willing to do that then I’ve included two of their best songs in this post.

Download Four Year Strong’s Rise Or Die Trying here.

MP3: Four Year Strong – “Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die”
MP3: Four Year Strong – “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Hell”


6 Responses to Four Year Strong

  1. YAY says:


  2. jo says:

    if they are on decaydance and not lifetime they automatically suck.

    case in point.

  3. mike coopz says:

    “JO” is gai.

    four year strong is s00p3r c00l.

  4. Susana says:

    “Mike Coopz” doesn’t know that gay is not a synonym for bad and that bigotry is highly unnattractive. He also doe not know that words are not spelled with numbers and that gay ends in a “Y”.

  5. carl serious says:

    none of you realize you’re lame.. and that’s, well, lame. Also check out fys’s cover of dumpweed (the blink 182 song?)

  6. raihansans says:

    i love your style song..

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