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“Spotlight on” is a new feature here at All Things Go, where I’ll focus on some lesser known artists or up-and-coming musicians, giving you some background, but mostly just providing a vehicle to allow the music speak for itself. Here goes:

Move over DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, there’s a new guy in town, and he goes by the name of Mojib. What fascinates me about the Swedish DJ is how masterfully he heavily layers instrumental track upon instrumental track, blending them seamlessly to create a full, epic sound. I first listened to his “Break of Dawn” remix of Sigur Ros’ masterpiece “Staralfur”, adding a completely new perspective to the song; one that features drum kit percussion that would make Four Tet blush. To me, remixes that can change the whole emotion or direction of a song while still maintaining the beauty of the original are those worth listening to, and this remix is just that. I cannot recommend it enough.

MP3: Sigur Ros – “Staralfur (Mojib Break of Dawn Remix)” [alt. link]

Now here’s the scary part: that’s not even my favorite Mojib song. That honor belongs to “Underneath”, which appears on his new 11-track LP, Whimsical Lifestyle. Listen to this song and tell me what wonderful track that he samples to perfection (hint: ATG readers should know this one in a second). Can’t figure it out? How about Sebastien Tellier’s veritable mega-epic jam, “La Ritournelle”. When i first heard that hypnotic piano line and the somber strings, I practically lost my shit. Seriously, the downtempo, electronic Whimsical Lifestyle could not be more up my alley, and neither could “Underneath”. Do yourself a huge favor and cop the track, as well as the album.

MP3: Mojib – “Underneath” [alt. link]


8 Responses to Spotlight on: Mojib

  1. The Jacksaur says:

    Great to see Mojib getting some love! I posted a write-up on his remix of Radiohead’s “Videotape” a few months back on HeadExploder, and he’s been a favorite ever since.

    But I hadn’t heard the Staralfur remix until just now. Thanks, man!

  2. Zack says:

    I am awesome.

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  4. kee says:

    Underneath is my favourite track on the entire album

    i would recommend it is a stunning record

  5. waterdamage says:

    I wonder what he is smokeing

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  8. Orchester says:

    Underneath is an amazing track! my favourite

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