Artist Spotlight: The Cyanide Valentine


Don’t let the extremely emo and uncomfortable band name fool you, The Cyanide Valentine do not have black hearts, nor does their music inspire the use of eye-black. No, The Cyanide Valentine are in fact a quartet from Boston who just so happen to make beautifully surreal, gorgeous music, like maybe an electronic Cloud Cult with more synths and less drums. Their newest effort, The Three Sides of The Cyanide Valentine, is being released for free on the band’s site, and is an unpolished gem. It stands in contrast to the much of the over-produced and over-edited garbage being put out today, instead opting for seemingly structureless songs (much like Explosions in the Sky) that entrance listeners, allowing them to drift in and out of conciousness, and, in my case, put me right to sleep. Check out “The Sweetest Season” and “MegaFauna”, and go pick up your free copy of The Three Sides of The Cyanide Valentine. Don’t be skeptical because of the name and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

MP3: The Cyanide Valentine – “The Sweetest Season” [alt. link]
MP3: The Cyanide Valentine – “MegaFauna” [alt. link]


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  1. Michael says:

    thanks for this. I found I like these guys

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