Radiohead New Year’s Webcast


First off, just a reminder that the physical disc (with higher sound quality) version of Radiohead’s fall 2007 download release In Rainbows, has been released on New Year’s Day. To celebrate the release, and to ring in 2008, the band has performed In Rainbows in it’s entirety and released it as a video online. The interesting and artsy video titled Scotch Mist- A Film With Radiohead In It, was released at the stroke of midnight UK time. Included in Scotch Mist are some insights on the band in the studio, some odd scenic and other quirky transitions, an outdoor performance for “Faust Arp”, and a perfect slow motion music video take on “Nude”. I watched the video in it’s entirety yesterday, and it was time well spent. If your any fan of Radiohead I suggest watching this, especially if your home from college for the break and have nothing else to do. “Scotch Mist” which according to Wikipedia “refers to a light, steady drizzle, the name being typical of the Scottish penchant for understatement, is simply just another project from the genius artists that make up Radiohead. The video can be found on the front page of Radiohead’s YouTube channel.

As with Zack, I will also be putting together my best of 2007, and possibly a preview of 2008. Hope you haven’t been waiting too anxiously for my favorites.


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