Madison Homegrown Hip-Hop Fest


I know ATG is a global blog, but if any of you are going to be in the Midwest this weekend don’t do anything else but come to Madison, WI. We’ve got cold beer, fresh snow, and some bumpin’ Hip-Hop. This weekend, the University is putting on the Homegrown Hip Hop Festival featuring Rhymefest on Thursday 12/6 and Brother Ali on Saturday 12/8, and a whole lot more acts in between. Check it out and get there early, because even though this was just finalized, it’s going to be packed. A full schedule can be found at our music commitee’s official site.

MP3: Rhymefest – “Feva”
MP3: Brother Ali – “Forest Whitiker”

To gettin’ down with gettin’ down,

MP3: Rhymefest – “Feva” [alternate link]
MP3: Brother Ali – “Forest Whitiker” [alternate link]

4 Responses to Madison Homegrown Hip-Hop Fest

  1. thomas says:

    wish i were anywhere close to wisconsin. great songs though

  2. el guante says:

    opening act can’t get no love? just kidding. it’s going to be a great three nights– i’m mad about having to miss rhymefest though (i got a show in chicago)– i think he’s one of the more underrated, underappreciated voices out there.

    nice blog, by the way.

  3. ethanberlin says:

    thank you thank you…el guante i am much looking forward to seeing the freshest poet in all the Midwest (country too?) this weekend, and so should everyone else

  4. make hip hop beat…

    Say forside» Medier»…

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