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I can honestly say that my older brother Dan was the primary reason for my musical upbringing. However, in the last few years that tide has turned as I have proudly introduced him to a few gems. Now that I’m the one finding most the new music, excitement builds whenever he gives me a new band to listen to, because I know it’s going to be good. This was certainly true with Alberta Cross, the English-Swedish rock band rooted in gospel/soul influenced ‘70s folk and classic rock. After attending the CMJ Marathon Festival in New York City last month, Dan came back with rave reviews about these longhaired skinny dudes whose appearance doesn’t stray far from their sound. They are now one of both of our favorite new bands. These guys seriously rock. The Thief and the Heartbreaker, their debut EP, was released this past fall. The sound is “influenced by The Band, Van Morrison and Leonard Cohen” with clear “elements of The White Stripes and The Shins” but I think they sound more like Neil Young meets My Morning Jacket meets Ryan Adams (If this doesn’t sound awesome to you, I am sorry). The all-too-short EP is complete with clever lyrics, catchy tunes, and some brilliant vocal performances by front man Petter Ericson Stakee. The only recent word from the band is that they are currently working on their first full-length album to be released sometime around April. They have also announced that they will have some sort of residency sometime/somewhere in New York City coming up in around January. This band might be a change of pace compared to some of the other artists introduced on ATG, but seriously check them out and expect big things.

Until then, check out my favorite tune “Lucy Rider” and watch the video for their most fun and catchy song, “Hard Breaks.”

MP3: Alberta Cross – “Lucy Rider”

YOUTUBE: Alberta Cross – “Hard Breaks”

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MP3: Alberta Cross – “Lucy Rider” [alternate link]

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