Sean Taylor in Critical Condition after Shooting

UPDATE: Sean Taylor passed away this morning due to excessive blood loss. It is a sad sad day for Redskins fans, football fans, and anyone with a soul. R.I.P. Sean Michael Maurice Taylor. You will be missed.


As if news for the Redskins could get any worse. A day after losing to the fucking Buccaneers (honestly, who likes the Bucs?), defensive stalwart and all-around badass Sean Taylor has been shot in the groin two times, during an attempted robbery/burglary of his house last night. According to the Washington Post:

“Miami-Dade police officials said police received a 1:45 a.m. call from a woman inside Taylor’s palatial residence in the affluent suburb of Palmetto Bay, saying that a man had been shot. Ambulance crews found the 24-year-old defensive star struck in the lower extremities.”

Taylor is now in critical condition, and is undergoing surgery in a Miami hospital. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Sean and his family right now, and, regardless of your football team affiliation, please pray for Sean Taylor.

On a side note, since many people have complained about not being able to download posted songs from my hosting service, I will be providing alternate links via sendspace for each song. You can grab them from now on by hitting the read more link below

MP3: Jay-Z – “Pray”
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MP3: Jay-Z – “Pray” [alternate link]
MP3: Sam Cooke – “Sad Mood” [alternate link]
MP3: Chris Paul – “Hey Scrappy Redskins” [alternate link]



3 Responses to Sean Taylor in Critical Condition after Shooting

  1. autopsy4 says:

    (honestly, who likes the Bucs?)

    ::raises hand::

  2. chrisrowe says:

    Sean Taylor died last night, a sad for football fans everywhere.

  3. mike in va says:

    r i p #36/21

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