I Hate Dallas

UPDATE: There is a special spot in hell reserved for Terrell Owens.


In completely non-music related news, my beloved Washington Redskins are up against their biggest (and loserist) rivals, the Dallas Cowboys. If you are a Dallas fan, please close your web-browser and never read my site again. Gone? Good. Now, for all you Redskins fans, check this Chris Paul remix of 50’s “I Get Money”, aptly titled “I Hate Dallas”. Chris Paul, a radio DJ for WGPC (DC’s finest radio station), has taken mainstream hip-hop songs and morphed them into Redskins tributes, using poignant and hilarious lyrics to create masterpieces such as week 6’s “Slay Green Bay” (adapted from “Ay Bay Bay”), or “Crank that Redskins Boy (from “Crank That”). So if you love the Redskins, or just hate Tony Romo and T.O., check out “I Hate Dallas” and pray for a Redskins victory tonight.

MP3: Chris Paul – “I Hate Dallas” [via]

Fuck Dallas,


16 Responses to I Hate Dallas

  1. Chris says:

    Speaking of “Crank that” – it might be one of the worst songs ever recorded in the history of music.

  2. thomas says:

    as much as u hate TO be thankful he isnt randy moss who put up similar stats in just one half

  3. xavier says:

    fuck you u hoe azz niga dallas da best and i dare u to come 2 dallas and in2 my house see wut happens

  4. chrisrowe says:

    xavier: who the fuck wants to go to Dallas? Learn english

  5. vcdeitrick says:

    my roommate can’t understand why I hate Dallas… and Miami… Silly guy, I guess you have to be from DC, or a die hard Skin’s fan…
    My dad, and granddad, used to take my brother and me to RFK.. anyone in the wrong colors? We were allowed to stomp!! Hail, Victory!! It’s just a matter of time, I know we’re comin’ back!!

  6. DALLAS FAN says:


    #1 BABYYY

    WHO WON DALLAS or Skins????


  7. Zack says:

    hey dallas fan.

    go to fucking hell

  8. J-DAWG says:

    I’m an idiot.

  9. tanner says:

    fuck the foreskins! dallas is superbowl bound baby!!

  10. Shane says:

    Last time I checked the Cowboys had 5 Super Bowls the Redskins had only 3Super Bowls

  11. tom says:

    yeah but last time i checked the cowboys have tony romo

  12. Alysia says:

    your an idiot don hate on us jus cuz ur sorry ass team don hav nun on us….DALLAS FAN FO LIFE #1!

  13. Zack says:

    its true, dallas has 5 rings to the redskins 3, but at least the redskins won them with legit players and coaches, and not street thugs, drug addicts (well, except we had Dexter Manley) and assholes. I may be wrong, but i dont think we had any players who smoked crack (and still do) and slit the throat of a teammate in the locker room for cutting him in the food line. No, that honor belongs to the one and only Michael Irvin. America’s team my ass.

  14. steven john says:

    linkin park and jay’z collaboration album should win a super bowl ring its that good!

  15. Lauren says:

    oh my gosh i hate dallas fans.
    i am tried and true carolina panthers fan.
    im first generation. my family has owned season tickets since the inagural season. i have been to every game, minus a few… but even that dreadful season of 1-15. i was there.
    how about these fucking old ass dallas fans, assuming they are bandwagon, because they are from roanoke va, came up in MY STADIUM. in MY SECTION. and tried to tell me i can cheer for my team. i yelled and hollered, and then they wanted to go tell the event staff i said “fuck dallas” in front of little kids. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! like you’ve never heard those words before.
    so they come into charlotte. they get these tickets for free. obviously they can’t afford to get tickets themselves and they act so stupid. they are taking pictures, and saying shit like, damn these are good seats, blah blah blah. act like you’ve been there cunts.
    so anyways. this bitch thinks im blowing in her hair, and its the fucking wind. so she has a coniption about that. then she threatens to pour her beer on me. fucking a, for real, this bitch and her ugly ass friend and her nasty looking scrawny ass boyfriend look old as shit. im freshly 21 and these people are at least 40.
    WHO STARTS SHIT WITH ME? i’m barley an adult. and my father was there with me.
    oh my god.
    i hate dallas fans.
    go to hell.
    and NEVER tell me i can’t cheer as loud as i want for my team ever again.
    and DON’T come back into my section like that.
    next time i will throw a punch. holy shit.

  16. jacob says:

    tony homo

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