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Move over Timbaland, Mark Ronson is the hottest producer in the music business right now. On his new release, Version, Ronson displays his versatility, masterfully crafting tracks for Kenna, Phantom Planet, Lily Allen, and others. I’ve been listening to the CD a lot recently, especially the more dance-oriented singles. “Stop Me” is definitely the highlight of the album, borrowing excruciatingly catchy vocals from Daniel Merriweather, who collabs with Ronson on other tracks. Ronson takes a more live-band approach to Lily Allen’s “Oh My God”, as you can see in the video below.

I know what your thinking: blah blah this is great and all Zack but this post is called Mark Ronson CONTEST. Well here it is. In the spirit of Mark Ronson, I want you to leave a comment with your favorite collaboration. This could be Run DMC and Aerosmith, Jay-Z and Nas, macaroni and cheese or any other delectable duos. Leave your email in the comment. First place winner gets a copy of Ronson’s Version, and second and third place get the “Stop Me” single.

Check the song and video below, and start commenting.

MP3: Mark Ronson – “Stop Me (ft. Daniel Merriweather)” [link removed at request: find it here]

Youtube: Mark Ronson – “Oh My God (ft. Lily Allen)”



31 Responses to Mark Ronson Contest

  1. Joslyn says:

    In the spirit of the holidays, I was really tempted to say Bing and Bowie on Little Drummer Boy, but my real all-time fav is Bowie and Queen “Under Pressure”.

    Agree that Version is pretty great and it doesn’t hurt that Mark Ronson is a total hottie. Just saying.

  2. Zack says:

    remember to post your email address with the comment or else i cant contact you if you win.

  3. Peter says:

    The best combination was Thom Yorke and Unkle’s “Rabbit In the Headlights.” Unkle at the time was James Lavelle & DJ Shadow. James, Shadow, and Thom! What more could you want?

  4. Everett says:

    Sean Taylor & Laron Landry. duh.

  5. mad morris says:

    Best Collaboration – My mom and dad making me. ‘Nuff said.

    Seriously though, 2nd to the Unkle/Thom Yorke collaboration is the Chemical Brothers and Noel Gallagher with Setting Sun. 3rd would be the unwitting mix of Jay-Z and the Beatles on Danger Mouse’s Grey Album…

  6. nphamiiizzzllleee says:

    amy winehouse and ghostface killah – you know i’m no good

    i love zack friendly.

  7. Duane Carter says:

    chuck and mikey

  8. chrisrowe says:

    falcon coors light

    and toxic is a badass song, props to my homie odb

  9. bleep says:

    damien rice and lisa hannigan. or.. food and.. sex?

  10. steven john says:


  11. christina says:

    green tea+ice cream.


  12. Robin says:

    Bloodhound Gang feat. Vanilla Ice – Boom

  13. Robin says:

    forgot to leave address:

  14. Joe says:

    Ray Charles and Van Morrison – Crazy Love.

    One of the best outcome ever…

  15. chrisrowe says:

    or food and liquor?

  16. c.bear says:


  17. c.bear says:

    fred smoot and the redskins…DUH

  18. daniel says:

    -the roots and Erykah Badu-“you got me”

    -Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force (cause of the amazing name)

    -Eric Clapton/BB King-“Riding With The King”

    -regina spektor & the strokes-“Modern Girls And Old Fashioned Men”

    -Salt n’ Pepa, Guns n’ Roses, Wild N’ Out (Very Important One)

    -frat pack movies

  19. Robert Frostytips says:

    Fried chicken and watermelon.

  20. nm says:

    seasonal nick miller fave
    ray charles & nina simone- baby its cold outside

  21. Chris says:

    – Jay & Silent Bob

    – Zack & Adrian (c’mon! someone had to say it.)

    – PB & J

    – Superman & Krypto the Superdog

    – 19th Prez Rutherford B. Hayes (1877 – 1881) and his main VP William Wheeler

    – John & Paul

  22. WILL (claire is a loser, aka c.bear) says:


  23. ekko says:

    Jay and NaS, mos def.

    I linked to you on my site, and it’s cool when you click the link and jump here because our blogs have very similar looks.

    Ooooh. Neat transistions!

    ekalett @ yahoo (dot) com

  24. Michael says:

    in no particular order:

    -Mr. Pibb and Red Vines (crazy delicious)
    -Jordan and Pippen
    -McCartney and Lennon
    -God and the Virgin Mary
    -Michael and K.I.T.
    -Mos Def and Talib Kweli
    -Larry and Andy Wachowski
    -Britney and K-Fed

    and of course, I’m leaving out so many

  25. Chris says:

    When will you announce the winners? We are all waiting in suspense!

  26. Nicole says:

    wayne and garth…excellent!!!

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