Finally…A Word from Ethan

Hello grateful viewers of ATG. I am Ethan, the mysterious new contributor that some of you (maybe?) have been waiting anxiously to hear from. I am very excited to start writing for ATG, and hope that I can contribute some worthwhile posts to this already established blog. I hail from the proud state of New Jersey (any love?), but currently reside in Madison, WI as a student at the UW (Let’s go Badgers). For those of you who don’t know, Madison is a pretty liberal eclectic city with plenty of interesting people, and if you have any likening in music, it is easy to get your share of musical experiences. So basically it’s pretty kick-ass out here. I myself come to you with a love of music, with tastes similar but yet much different than those of Zack. My heart has and always will lie with the band Phish (say what you will), but with their break up on that sad day four years ago, I have allowed my musical interests to take me elsewhere, while still staying grounded in my roots. When I feel myself at a lost of finding something new I really like, I am always able to fall back on The Grateful Dead, “The Boss” Springsteen, The Beatles, and more recently, The Hold Steady (I’m really into these guys, go check them out).

Hopefully I’ll be able to introduce some new jams, post some random banter, and maybe even entertain with some sweet show write-ups, as I am always eager to experience more live music. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

To diving into the pool of blogging,

P.S. If you live in, or will be in the Madison, WI area (i.e. Chicago, Milwaukee, Twin-Cities, etc) this weekend go check out the Madison Pop Festival ( around the UW campus. Performing 11/8-10 will be Andrew W.K., Kazi, Baby Teeth, Pale Young Gentlemen, Murder By Death, Malajube, and Bon Iver. They will also be screening “The Hip Hop Project”, Daft Punk’s “Electroma”, and Sigur Ros’ “Heima”.

3 Responses to Finally…A Word from Ethan

  1. JERSEY says:

    yeah NEW JERSEY

  2. mad morris says:

    You guys are in Madison. Dear lord, so am I. I’ve been reading this for awhile and never made the connection.


  3. pmf says:

    Hey Fellow Madisonians,

    I would love to see you at Cafe Montmartre this evening.
    BLUEHEELS will be performing with Sarah Borges and The Broken Singles tonight at 8pm.

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