Big Changes Coming

First of all, its been exactly two weeks since my last post. That is way too long. I’m sorry. Please don’t leave me, I just had 4 midterms, 2 papers and my Mom visiting me here in Madison. Don’t think, however, that because I haven’t updated I don’t have a new arsenal of awesome music to deliver, or that I haven’t been scheming (schemeing?) up new improvements for the site. I have three important news updates for All Things Go:

News Update #1: OiNK was shut down =(. For those of you that don’t know (which seems now to be a relatively small group), OiNK is/was an invite-only website that allowed its 180,000+ users to upload and download hundreds of thousands of high quality music torrents. I received many of my advances and other albums from there, and it has been a very important asset in my arsenal. The FBI finally shut the site down, and while its only a matter of time before different sites pick up the slack, I’ll be hurting until then.

News Update #2: We are adding a new writer! His name is Ethan. Hes a sophmore at Wisconsin just like me, and is a newcomer to the music blog scene, so show him some love when he starts writing (which should be sometime this week). This addition also will allow us to update more frequently, so get excited for that too.

News Update #3: Band of Horses has created my favorite song of 2007.

MP3: Band of Horses – Is There a Ghost


8 Responses to Big Changes Coming

  1. sooze says:

    i cried this morning

  2. Zack says:

    like a little girl i did. so sad.

    that last line scares me too, but hey, jails cool too!

  3. Nicky says:

    yah my lifes pretttty much over

  4. lessley says:

    adrian, fellow brand new fan
    they released the single version of untitled 07, “(fork and knife)”… it’s on itunes… and perhaps if you can find it, post? maybe?

  5. I haven’t cried this hard since the Nicholas J disappeared from my life forever.

  6. Jesus says:

    yo zack, can you post that chris brown kiss kiss remix that i kept hearin’ this weekend? that shits hot.

  7. mad morris says:

    Sweet. When are we going to see some new mixtapes? I’m still jamming to your hip-hop mixtape from months ago. That was the mixtape that turned me onto you guys.

  8. Jesus says:

    actually its cool i found it. maybe just post it for the benefit of society. jesus says.

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