M.I.A. Gets Remixed

We resolved our hosting issues for the most part. Thanks again to Chris Hannafan, who pretty much single-handedly paid for our new server. Also big thanks to Laurie and Andrew for their generous donations. Once Derek teaches me how to use the FTP and whatnot, we’ll be fully set with our new server. Until then, savefile will have to do.

One of the reasons our hosting got shut down this last time was because of the hotness that is M.I.A. I posted her monster single “Paper Planes” a few weeks ago, and the song was one of the most heavily downloaded songs I’ve ever posted. Apparently people like the song. Since I already posted the album version, check out this remix featuring Bun B and Rich Boy, two rappers I don’t exactly love but still lend hot verses that blend perfectly, as if this remix were the original version. Thanks to palmsout for finding this gem.

MP3: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes (Remix ft. Bun B & Rich Boy)”

Fuck the Giants,

3 Responses to M.I.A. Gets Remixed

  1. David says:

    So…I see that Nick J doesn’t write here anymore. Has Adrian dropped off the face of the earth as well?

  2. Alex F. says:

    I must disagree with your final statement sir. The Giants, in fact, do not suck.

  3. tim says:

    In recent news the Chicago Bears traded Rex Grossman to ABC for Bob Griese. Bob and Brian Griese are the first father-son quaterback combo in the history of the NFL. ABC has put Rex Grossman on waivers.

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