Introducing: KATE NASH


Allow me to introduce my newest crush. Kate Nash, a 20-year-old pop-starlet born in Dublin and raised in London, began playing piano and writing songs at a young age. She released an A-side single of “Birds” in February, then, in August, dropped a bomb on England, releasing her first full-length, Made of Bricks. Since I am not a whore for the newest hot British bands (like Derek of GWFAS), her release went unnoticed by me. Shame on me. On my drive up to Martha’s Vineyard in August (after the Daft Punk show in Brooklyn), Derek popped a copy of Made of Bricks into the stereo of my new car (which is also new and awesome). I was a bit skeptical at first, as Derek tends to overhype every band he has ever presented to me (ex. “Dude THIS is the jam. The best jam since “Trains to Brazil”. Veritably AMAZING). After hearing Kate’s accented twang and stylish vocals, I was intrigued. I was then informed that Paul Epworth (producer of Bloc Party’s A Weekend in the City) had produced the whole album, which got me even more excited. Then “Foundations” came on. I had to promptly pull the car over, get out, walk to the trunk, open up my suitcase and retrieve an unsoiled pair of underwear.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am absolutely obsessed with Regina Spektor. I adore pretty much everything she has released, and even rated Begin to Hope as my #1 album of 2006. This may sound completely irrelevant, until you listen to Kate Nash. To borrow Derek‘s words, Nash is “like a better Regina Spektor or a wayyyy better Lily Allen”. For months I have been looking for an artist that rivals Regina, from her songwriting to the lyrics to the unbelievably catchy hooks and expertly crafted melodies. My search is over. While I may not crown Nash as the queen of this genre inhabited by Regina yet, I feel the need to emphasize that if you enjoy Regina Spektor (and would like Lily Allen’s music if she weren’t such an attention whore), you will absolutely love Kate Nash. Consider this: “Foundations” knocked Rihanna’s “Umbrella” off the top of the British charts, ending a twelve-week domination over the music industry. It’s that good.

Those of you that also read Good Weather (see: most all of you) will have read a review just like this a week ago. I’m aware I pretty much repeated word-for-word what was said. I just love Nash’s music so much that I felt the need to reiterate her awesomeness, and re-trumpet the release of Made of Bricks. Give “Merry Happy” a listen, as it’s my favorite song on the track, and the closest she comes to imitating Regina, with her use of “da-doo-doo’s” and bouncy, soft vocals. Also recommended are “Birds” (the single she released before Made of Bricks), “Mouthwash” (which features the quirkiest lyrics), and “Skeleton Song”. Actually, every song on this album is recommended. If you’ve never trusted me before, please trust me now. BUY THIS ALBUM.

MP3: Kate Nash – “Merry Happy” (includes hidden track “Little Red”)
MP3: Kate Nash – “Shit Song”



11 Responses to Introducing: KATE NASH

  1. Most Bitter says:

    I missed out on the hype and just heard the songs and was similarly disarmed. After four days of nonstop listening to “Foundations,” I absorbed it so much that I recorded a cover version in my Bostonian baritone. Oh and if you want to try someone else that does the Regina thing the right way, look up Casey Dienel.

  2. anonymous says:

    ugh. casey dienel is not doing the “regina thing.” have you even seen her play live?

  3. Natalie says:

    oh yes. Kate Nash is amazing. Don’t call her new Lily Allen, it’s Kate Nash, nothing else.

  4. beckie says:

    kate nashhhhhhhhhhhhhh is a wicked singerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr well beter than lilly allen .i love ya album .wooooooooooooooohooooooooooooooo

  5. HAZK says:

    well, tbh i think Kate Nashs’ music is lusssshhhhhhh. 🙂
    but i still think Lily Allen is gooooooood. ye Kate isnt the new Lily Allen btw, if thats what your thinking…

  6. Zack says:

    i didnt say. i just implied that they are contemporaries.

  7. lily says:

    paul epworth produced silent alarm, not the terrible weekend in the city!

  8. Kenneth says:

    Kate Nash is pretty good, but I wouldn’t even come close to considering her in Regina’s league. You can hear the Regina influence quite often though. If anyone here has seen Regina live they will understand much more.

  9. Kenneth says:

    ps. Stacy Clark, while not as good as anyone mentioned before (yet), should be checked out.

  10. Julia says:

    Kate Nash copies Regina. Like, a lot. It sort of makes me feel ashamed for liking some of Nash’s songs, because they feel like Regina KNOCKOFFS! However, I am guilty of enjoying them.

    Regina still owns her though. =)

  11. Ary says:

    Si kate Nash nunca hubiera escuchado a Regina Spektor, sin duda en estos momentos no seria tan popular. Su influencia fue clave para el éxito que ahora tiene Kate.
    Regina eres la mejorr :p!

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