Guess Who’s Back

Welcome back. Just when you thought I might’ve fallen off of the face of the Earth. I’m finally somewhat moved into my new apartment, and actually have time to sit down and write a few posts. We haven’t written anything in over two weeks for multiple reasons:

1. I just got back to college.
2. Our hosting got suspended, leaving us temporarily unable to internally host the songs you guys love.
3. I am painfully lazy.

However, just because I haven’t written anything in two weeks doesn’t mean I haven’t been listening to some fresh new music. Just as a little welcome back, I have posted a couple songs that have been on heavy rotation since we last spoke:

I haven’t gotten new hosting yet, so the songs are hosted on savefile for now. Just follow the links and enjoy.


Kanye’s live DJ released a whole mixtape which was set to be featured on Mixtape Mondays with Tim, but he never got around to doing anything about it. That mixtape, Dirty South Mixtape, is a worth a listen, as is this catchy remix of Kanye’s latest ultra-catchy hit.

MP3: Kanye West – “Stronger (A-Trak Remix)”


Caribou just released their newest album, Andorra, to fairly strong praise around the blogs. Not only did “Irene” jump out at me as the unpolished gem of the album, but the video (which GvB introduced here) is so beautifully fitting for the song. “Irene”, and the whole rest of Andorra has been on heavy rotation these past few days. Pick up a copy of one of Merge Record’s finest.

MP3: Caribou – “Irene”


I casually listened to Phoenix’s 2006 release, It’s Never Been Like That, when it came out, but I never gave it a real chance. Lucky for me that Claire’s brother discovered an all instrumental track on the album, “North”, and lucky for me that he introduced it to me. Unlike much of the rest of the album (and the other Phoenix albums) “North” is much more mellow and ambient, as opposed to their typical blend of pop, dance, and electronic rock. Also make sure to grab a copy of It’s Never Been Like That.

MP3: Phoenix – “North”


I listened to the 2006 version of Deer Tick’s “Diamond Rings” when I was moving into my dorm room as a freshman last year, and the song stuck with me. Now that I’m moving into a nicer, more spacious apartment for my sophomore year, I figured I might as well listen to the new, more complete and refined version of the very same song. The raspy voice perfectly compliments the folk-rock instrumentals. Also, the line “what good would fingers be, if it weren’t for diamond rings” just sounds so passionate and meaningful coming from John McCauley’s unique voice.

MP3: Deer Tick – “Diamond Rings 2007”

Enjoy the end of your summers. I start class on the fourth, and am headed to Chicago for a few days, so expect a post on that soon.


3 Responses to Guess Who’s Back

  1. someone says:

    Is there any way the songs that don’t work anymore (after your account was suspended), can be changed to be hosted by savefile? Sorry if that was a stupid question but I didn’t get like any songs from the adorable mixtape part two.

  2. rachel says:

    i’m glad at least one of my favorite indie blogs came back. i’m so behind in music because of all of this hosting nonsense.

  3. daddyo says:

    you are not lazy, just activity challenged

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