New Jose Gonzalez – “Down the Line”

Update: link removed. Apologies to Mr. Gonzalez. If you didn’t get a chance to sample the track, remember that the song, along with another new single, is available for streaming on Jose’s myspace.


I had the pleasure of seeing Mr. Jose Gonzalez when he came to play on the patio behind our student union in Madison a few months back. Check out some of Jose Gonzalez’s new tracks off his soon-to-be-released LP, In Our Nature. Jose is streaming two of the tracks, “Down the Line” and “Killing for Love” on his myspace page. I love “Down the Line” so much that I’m making it available for full download this week, but you guys have to promise me that if you love the song as much as I do, you will buy the album as soon as it comes out. Trust me, after listening, you’ll realize that Gonzalez deserves your money, and your unconditional love.

MP3: Jose Gonzalez – “Down the Line” [link removed]

In Our Nature drops on September 26th, so stay tuned to Jose’s official site and myspace for updates on pre-ordering. Also, if you haven’t yet, make sure you pick up his 2005 masterpiece, Veneer.


3 Responses to New Jose Gonzalez – “Down the Line”

  1. Philana says:

    Veneer was amazing, so I am definitely gonna pick up the new album. Thanks for the track!

  2. KYLE says:

    The new album is pretty freakin’ good.

    Like the website. I added it as a link on mine! Check it out at


  3. Lee says:

    Veneer was an absolute classic, i really don’t know why Jose isn’t the biggest thing on the planet, but perhaps that adds to his charm. His cover versions are amazing, this will be fantastic.

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