New M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”


So Derek (of GWFAS) calls me last night telling me he will cut off our friendship if I don’t listen to “Paper Planes”, off of M.I.A.’s soon to be released sophomore effort, Kala. Upon listening to the song, I have but three words to say; I LOVE DEREK (ALOT). Enjoy what will definitely be one of my top five favorite songs of 2007.

MP3: M.I.A. – “Paper Planes” [link removed upon request]

Third world democracy. Check the Official Site to order a copy of Kala and have a seizure.



13 Responses to New M.I.A. – “Paper Planes”

  1. TD says:

    Not bad for a transvestite.

    MIA needs a new stylist rather urgently.

  2. muniz says:

    all with need is MIA’s sounds.

  3. muniz says:

    all we need is MIA’s sounds.

  4. Richard S. says:

    Yes, this sounds great, as I expected. Thanks.

  5. […] of a few of her new tunes, we here at g.f.o.m. are madd excited about this one. head over to all things go, for a sample of the bangin’ new song ‘paper […]

  6. […] “Paper Planes” (from the upcoming Kala), which I was able to hear thanks to a link at All Things Go.  In my opinion, this is even better than what she does around the Pixies” “Where is […]

  7. Derek says:


  8. […] go down to Congo/take me on a genocidal tour/take me on a trip to Darfur” ή στο “Paper Planes” ακούς το εξυπνότερο (και πιο ανατριχιαστικό) […]

  9. yoshime says:

    are you kidding me ? M.I.A is not a transvestite , obviously you don’t know anything about culture and style . This song is the best song I have heard in a long time , I give her props because she knows what she’s talking about , and her beats are insanely awesome .
    To all the people who hate on her , well lets just you need to get out more !

  10. ray says:

    LOL — M.I.A a transvestite!!! True, this time around her make-up/wordrobe is “out there,” but do the Google Images search — this is one of the most beautiful women in music on the planet.

  11. Chorupo says:

    This song is completly beautiful. From the sounds to the lyrics… the message is somewhat overused but still she made it very very awesome.

  12. HUH? says:

    okay i do not know what that song is about i ADORE it and i know its about her only wanting sex and to take your money. I think the video messed me up…could some1 help me

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