New T.I. – T.I vs. T.I.P.


First off, let me apologize for not posting in the last two weeks. Adrian has been ultra busy and hasn’t had much to write about. I myself have been working at the same summer camp from 8-6 every day and end up going to sleep at around 9pm every night. Expect this to change, as I am going to have a bit more free time and have an unbelievable amount of new music to write about.

Second off, thanks so much to everyone that contributed to the Flight of the Conchords contest. The winner, with a paragraph complete with tons of awesome words, is thenicholasm. He actually got the two words I had in mind (hubbub and spelunking), and then some. A very close second place prize goes to popo, with the word Hippopotamomonstrososessiquippadaliaphobia, meaning fear of long words. Both of the winners need to send me their mailing address to to collect their price. Thanks for participating, and expect more contest coming up.

Third off, the Adorable Mix Part II will be up tommorow, so chill.

Now, to the music.

T.I. is the man. Nobody in the rap game right now can create a more epic song (sit down Timbaland) by incorporating organs, synths, piano, violin and other more unique instruments to create beats that not only rock clubs but also rich white kid’s Lexuses. T.I. has an aura that somehow comes off as though he is part humble and hard-working, and part effortless and laid back. His newest effort, T.I. vs. T.I.P., not only abuses the period, but is a perfect example of his split personality. T.I. is Tip Harris, the humble, smart, thoughtful man from Atlanta while T.I.P. is his alter-ego, the street-savvy, cocky rapper with a well-deserved swagger. Upon listening to the advance of the album, two songs stood out as absolute masterpieces, matching, if not surpassing “What You Know” as the most epic song in rap music today. Check out “Tell ‘Em I Said That” and “Help is Coming”, and then make sure to pick up the album when it drops on July 3rd.

MP3: T.I. – “Tell ‘Em I Said That” [DOWNLOAD OR DIE]
MP3: T.I. – “Help is Coming” [DOWNLOAD OR DIE]

Help on the way. And if Atlantic Records or Arista is reading this, please don’t kill me.



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  1. Philana says:

    No worries about the lack of updates…this post makes up for it. I like “Help Is Coming” but “Tell ‘Em I Said That” is the SHIT. Thanks for these, and I’m looking forward to the AMPII!

  2. john penis says:


  3. CHRISROWE says:

    i got my top down low…

  4. If yall lookin 4 a real rapper from St. Louis Check out Paypachayse. I know people arent really hating its just…Why buy some inferior bullshit. People dont mind buying an album that is just that an Album (i.e. RKelly, T.I., Young Dro) Fuck a one (every blue moon two) hit song havin ass nigga. The rest of their albums be wack as fuck. Like Common said I aint hating because i think its wack. If the sky is blue the sky is blue. The fact im saying its wack must be the general consensus the nigga only sold 30k his first week when you have the number 1 song in the country and your album only sells 30k the first week you suck RIDICULOUSLY GIGANTIC STICKY SWEATY MONKEY BALLZ. AND THATS THE TRUTH. THESE DICK RIDING ASS LABELS GO AND SUCK THE WRONG NIGGAS DICK AND GIVE THEM A DEAL. LOOK AT THE DEPLORABLE SONG CHICKEN NOODLE SOUP MUTHERFUCKAS. THESE COCK SUCKING ASS LABELS ACTUALLY FOUGHT OVER THOSE MINDLESS BUMPS ON A LOG. THEY ENDED UP GETTING A MILLION DOLLAR DEAL FOR A WACK ASS SONG AND PUT TOGETHER A HORRIBLY SHITTY ALBUM THAT SHOULD GO DOWN IN HISTORY AND BE A TESTAMENT TO ALL LABELS SAYING. LABELS SHOULD FIND ARTISTS NOT GET BEHIND ARTISTS. A&R’S are looking for talent by looking for who has a buzz in a certain area without regard for the artists product (shit a nigga can be rappin his fucking ABC’s over a catchy beat) Realistically, it costs a million dollars to promote a single nationwide. If they gotta spend what makes them think the average joe with a hot song aint gotta spend a small fraction of that. If you break that million down between 50 states thats $20,000 promotional budget per state and thats a major label. You at the minimum have to spend half of that to even be competitive. What average day-to-day cat has $10,000 to promote a song with that aint selling drugs or own a profitable business (club owner etc). Get the fuck outta here the wack ass niggas got the money to pay their way in while the next Jay-Z, T.I., or 50cent sits at home with a platinum album he made in his basement because the label says he does not have radio play. That is the true and honest shit that goes on in this ass backwards, convoluted, shit we call the rap game. I know cuz Im in it (i also produce). Check us out an let me know if you think we got what it takes.
    We appreciate your opinions and comments on our product. I will be posting in any blog about music to let all the fans know what is really going on. Here are my links.

    Platinum Plus Entertainment
    Bringin that Real Shit Back

  5. mad morris says:

    I look forward to vol. II of the adorableness.

  6. ekko says:

    Gotta say, man, there’s LOTS of rappers around who are way better than T.I. in fact, I wouldn’t even name him as a top 5 major label rapper. (For that list, I’d probably have to go with Ghostface, Rakim, The Game, NaS, and maybe Lupe. Or Ghostface again, because he’s just that good.) If what you’re impressed with is the use of many instruments, like you write in your post, I think you’re really being impressed by the producer not the rapper. His flow is workmanlike–he knows that the fast/smooth southern thang is what sells, so he’s the flava of the times, for now, but I’ll bet he doesn’t have staying power. That’s just my humble opinion.

  7. The Mixtape Monster says:

    sit down Timbaland??? please man, let’s not go that far.

    Sales aren’t everything, plus T.I. contradicts himself like 500 times on that album between telling his listeners not to sell drugs and then rapping about how he did. I’m sick of his “past experiences” that he “no longer participates in”….if that’s the case, he should stop rapping about it.

    “T.I. vs. T.I.P.” is dripping with wack juice. Homey lost his hunger. Needs to go back to “I’m Serious”.

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