Flight of the Conchords CONTEST!

UPDATE: I made the contest easier. See below, and PLEASE COMMENT!


Flight of the Conchords is not only the musical duo of Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement from New Zealand, but also the newest in a long line of quality shows produced by HBO in the past few years. With the Sopranos finally ending and the search for Vincent Chase’s dad being awkward and boring, Flight of the Conchords will provide some welcome humor and style to the 10:30 slot directly after Entourage. Dubbed as “New Zealand’s fourth most popular folk-parody duo”, Bret and Jemaine have been playing together since 1998 and have been hugely successful in Europe and at home, but in the show the two move from home to make a living in the East Village, and hilarity ensues.

Rosemary from Cornerstone Promotion was nice enough to hook my brother and I up with free passes to the premiere of the show in D.C., so we met up at Rock’n’Roll Hotel to enjoy an open bar (see: awesome), small snacks, and the premiere episode. While I couldn’t hear much (thick New Zealand accents + too much side noise + too many rail drinks), the bits that I did hear sounded quite funny, and, after watching the video of the first episode at my house, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am very excited to see more.

Many of you have probably seen the promos for the show, so maybe some of you are as excited as I am. If you are, you’ll like this contest: I want you to tell me your FAVORITE WORD in the entire English language. It can be goofy or profound or anything, but it must be an actual word. The best word gets a Flight of the Conchords t-shirt (which is awesome), A DVD of their first episode, and a mini-robot doll. Second place gets a poster and the DVD. Make sure you leave your name and email address when you submit your word in the comments. Not many people participated in the last contest, which made me sad, so I expect the loyal ATG readers to be creative, and to submit. Here is a clip from the first episode to whet your appetite for the premiere, which comes this sunday after a new Entourage.

Check out the whole first episode here.


91 Responses to Flight of the Conchords CONTEST!

  1. chriswawawewarowe says:

    “And the robot boogie”
    “Oh yes, and the robot boogie”


  2. Zack says:

    yessir. chris rowe, please SUBMIT. im so ronery.

  3. TheMarkPike says:

    Favorite word of the moment: Archipelago

    Reason: No man is an island. You’re at least an archipelago. Also, it just sounds musical.

    That TV show is hilarious. If it were walking down the street, I bet it’d be at least one of the Top 3 funniest shows walking down the street.

  4. Chris says:

    Word- Pedantic

    – it makes a terrific insult Eg. “your face is rather pedantic”
    – it makes me feel smart
    – it sounds like it should have something to do with feet but it doesn’t

  5. K says:


    it makes me smile and most people have no idea what i’m talking about when i use it in conversation.

  6. Ian says:


    You don’t need a PhD to know what it means, yet it still sounds pretty, has a cool meaning, and looks nice on paper.

  7. Alex says:

    Haha nice job changing the contest.


    It’s two letters and a fancy psychology word.

  8. jexx says:

    my favorite word is lackadaisical. it basically means lazy or lacking spirit, but I like it because it has “dais[i]” in the middle, and daisies are very spirited. So essentially, to me at least, it’s an oxymoron within one word. also, it’s just plain fun to say. this also has something to do with the daisy…

  9. Aklesha says:

    Plethora…see “The Three Amigo’s”

  10. Jennifer says:

    Word: defenestrate

    Why: There is actually a word in the English language whose meaning is “to throw someone out of a window.” Awesome.

  11. dw says:


  12. andrea says:


  13. Jamie says:


  14. chriswawawewarowe says:

    Spanglish. Or Taxi.

  15. Dane says:

    Word: botheration

    -a Bush-ism type word that actually exists, but Bush would still sound stupid saying it
    “Them Iraqis are a real botheration to our country”

  16. Dane says:

    by the w ay, botheration is just a weird way of saying a difficulty

  17. DMas says:


    Reasons for the awesomeness of the word:
    -Who knows how to pronounce it?
    -Its fun to try to say
    -its definition is having hairy buttocks

  18. KC says:

    my word’s ventriloquist.
    i just like the way it rolls off the tongue.

  19. popo says:

    Best Word Ever:
    You wanna know why its the best word ever? well…..
    -its extremely long, a whopping 42 letters.
    -Speaking of the word being whoppingly long, it means the fear of long words, topping off the bestness of it.

  20. Greta says:

    It’s weird, goofy, has several meanings, and me and my cousin even made up a story about it. And although I can’t remember it completely correctly, the story had something to do with spaghetti.
    Ususally when used in a conversation or fight, no-one knows what it means, and it just leaves them scratching their heads, with a wondering look on their face. Fun, eh?

  21. Christine says:


    you know, just in case people forget.

  22. Jef says:


    This was easy to remember by simply associating savage brutality with pick-ups.

  23. William Wesley says:


    In a sentence: The sun has made my tulips photonasty.

  24. Jeff says:


    It means “like an uncle”

  25. Ian says:


  26. James says:


    Wow, I’m so glad I’m done with my organic chemistry for the summer.

  27. steph says:

    unctuous. because even before i knew what it meant (back in like 6th grade) it still sort of creeped me out. i always think of slugs when i see/hear the word, too, and how often does one get to think of slugs in the course of a day? what a pleasure.

  28. thenicholasm says:

    spelunker…as in one who does cave diving, spelunking

    honorable mention-jalopy or navigable, hubbub, badonkadonk, very fun to say

    I took my navigable jalopy past lake titicaca to get away from the hubbub and enjoy some spelunking. Upon perusing the perimeter, I realized that unbeknownst to me there was a woman named Tabitha with quite the badonkadonk (which i wouldn’t mind spelunking) cherishing a chimichanga much like an old curmudgeon might; a crotchety one mind you.

  29. dchaUCLA says:


    I swear it is a real word.

  30. Jeff says:


    It’s one of the few words of seemingly unknown origin that is not considered slang and its use is almost exclusively American.

  31. Danny says:


    Yeah… It’s a cheesy fungus that grows in the penis. It’s also fun to say.
    “You smegma-face”

  32. alex says:

    kakistocracy – a government ruled by the least qualified

  33. TakeoffZebra says:

    My word is britches, because another word for pants can’t be wrong.

  34. daniel says:

    It really rolls off the tongue, and that’s really all that matters.

    Also, this word is awesome:


    Try pronouncing it the right way. You have some time.
    Okay, well that way you just said it is wrong. Here’s the way they have it in the dictionary:


  35. Nathan says:


  36. thomas says:


    love that there is another word for sky

  37. Carissa says:


    say it really slow and it sounds like you’re trying to say mustard, say it really fast and it sounds like your saying mister. Also, It may be an example of my new favorite saying: “Just one consonant short of a condiment.”

    Yeah, I know it doesn’t make sense.

  38. Hannah says:


    Disregard the spelling or meaning.
    The sound of it is intrinsically beautiful.

  39. jodie says:

    haha. is this still going on?


    because it doesn’t sound like or mean what it looks like it does. and it pretty much sums up everything, on average.

    on another, pretty unrelated, note, i’m kind of in love with the phrases “they were lowing and shifting like beached whales, shelled snails” and “scrap of sassafras, eh sisyphus” just because …they sound awesome. and joanna newsom sings them.

  40. jodie says:

    p.s. “cellordoor” reminds me of donnie darko :0

  41. Leela says:

    It looks spelled wrong, even when spelled correctly.
    Colin Meloy likes it.
    It would sound fantastic in a Kiwi accent.
    Also, it’s an adjective, but no one uses it as such.

  42. acy says:

    inspissate. hahahahah. what a funny word.

  43. ejs420 says:

    Word: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
    Meaning: The fear of long words.

    Word: Homunculus/Humonculus
    Meaning: An extremely tiny man.

  44. Lin says:

    Poppycock: ORIGIN mid 19th cent.: from Dutch dialect pappekak, from pap ‘soft’ + kak ‘dung.’

    Honorable mention: shenanigans. No matter whose shenanigans they are, it still sounds like a tiny Irishmen is up to no good.

  45. Miles says:


    1. It sounds really cool
    2. The thing it describes sounds really cool
    3. Any time you get to say a song has a part in that sounds like an implosion, that song is REALLY cool

  46. drew says:


  47. Amy H. says:

    word: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
    meaning: black lung disease

    why: It’s superfun to say. And reminds me of my childhood days. Heee. It was the last spelling word my fifth grade class had to conquer. We had to look it up un the dictionary (only one dictionary in the entire school had it! That was baffling!) and know how to spell it, how to say it, how many vowels and consonants were in it, etc. Fun fun! At least for a speller like me.

    I am also a new reader to this blog. I wonder why I didn’t discover it sooner! Fabulous!

  48. Akimi says:

    best word ever: Twatwaffle.

  49. owen troy says:


    That lovely collection of letters.
    ever-increasingly in usage.
    Plus, it’s an apocryphal antonym to 1337.

  50. Nick says:


    awesome is the most awesome word there is


  52. Nessa says:

    Twaddle: to talk foolishly.
    Ex. “My uncle twaddled on for hours last night.”

    because it sounds like two things: 1. A term for masterbation, or 2. the name of the red hangy downy thingie on a turkey’s neck (which is actually the wattle, another interesting word.)

  53. jodie says:

    oh and also, POE. it’s a name, but, you know, it’s a good name.

  54. Nicholas says:


  55. Nathan says:


    proceeding from natural feeling or native tendency without external constraint

    It just makes you feel good to say it 🙂

  56. Jarek says:


  57. Tove says:

    “Biweekly” – possibly the most redundant word in the English language, as it could be used to describe things that occur both twice a week and every second week.

  58. colin says:


  59. mad morris says:

    this is all fine and dandy, but where is the adorable mixtape part II?

    Am I the only one?

  60. my favourite word is “well.”
    mainly just as an interjection.
    actually, i don’t like it as an adverb, not at all.
    i so wish i still got hbo for free.

  61. and amen to adorable mixtape part II.

  62. Curtis says:


    simple, rolls off the tongue nice, and unique in the fact that no other word rhymes w/ it.

  63. josephine says:

    pulchritudinous (adj)used of persons only; having great physical beauty; “pulchritudinous movie stars”

  64. Emily says:

    favorite english word: what

    I don’t think I really need to explain why.

  65. sam says:


    hehehe. =)

  66. Jason says:

    it has both disco and bob in it and sounds silly, as well as a large word to use in reference to being pissed off

  67. Jason says:

    it has both disco and bob in it and sounds silly, as well as a large word to use in reference to being confused or pissed off

  68. D-swan says:

    defenestrate – To throw out a window

  69. D-swan says:

    because I just realized defenestrate was taken, I change mine to…

    Hijinks, because there are 3 dotted letters in a row.

  70. Jemainiac says:

    It’s SODIUM…. sodium…. sodium….

    Say it slowly. Exhale the S ever-so-lightly. Form your beautiful cupid’s-bow lips lovingly around the O and prolong it into a sigh. Gloss quickly over that awkward DI so you can get to that final, sensuous, satisfied UMMMMMM…. the sound you make when kissing a girl who’s pretty enough to be a part-time model…. or placing a spoonful of sweet nourishing muesli in your mouth…. or biting hungrily into a juicy, meaty, spicy, lusciously dripping kebab…. or…. or…. or….

    …. say, what was this contest about anyway?

  71. Darius says:

    Grommet- really great word to say, sounds like a frog in a hardware store. also makes a great insult, for those to stupid to wonder what exactly you just called them.

  72. Meghna says:

    Scarborough because not only does it sound awesome it reminds me of Simon & Garfunkel. No matter how hard I try I can never get away from my roots…Parents. They infect you in so many ways.

  73. James says:


    he may be dead!
    maybe he did, maybe he didn’t

  74. Bradley says:

    Can we enter more than once?

    Word: flibbertigibbet

    It’s the only word that I’ve ever heard and actually asked, “Did you just make up that word?” only to look it up in the dictionary and actually find the definition.

  75. Gucci says:

    At first, I was gonna say Onega but then I realized it isn’t a word. SILLY ME!!! So my submission is Gherkin (like those delectable little pickle things)

  76. Paris says:

    your “favorite word contest” just happened to be one of the UVA essay questions last year. funny.

    favorite word: peace.

  77. Paris says:

    epitome is another good one 🙂

  78. Rachelle says:


    my favorite word. It’s just so much fun to say!

  79. emily says:


    the feeling you get when love is in the air in spring time, sounds lame but you know what i’m talking about
    its probably the cutest word in the world
    even if you’re in a bad mood, just saying it makes you feel better
    it’s just fun to say

  80. Jerkstore says:

    bungalow… that’s it. I just like that word.

  81. Stephaniw says:

    turquois. The color is really pretty, it puts you in a good mood, and it dosent give me a head ache to say, it just makes me feel good

  82. Brandon Harrington says:

    coitus – healthy people do it everyday

  83. katie says:

    word: ICICLE

    reason: it is very very fun to spell out loud!

  84. mike d says:

    word: Katzenjammer

  85. Stan says:

    word: dork

    because it rhymes with fork and is a put-down name kids call each other; so, it’s more than a just a word; it’s an issue we have to think about

  86. Judith says:

    word: funky

    what it’s about

  87. Stanley B. says:


    wiped smooth with a squeegee in a surprising sort of way

  88. Adam says:


    for obvious reasons

  89. mariane says:

    dammit, someone took pulchritudinous…

    i always liked ‘little’ because you can write it in like an ‘extended coil’ line and then dot and line…

  90. Fiona says:

    the word “epitome”
    because whenever I use it in a sentence, it makes me feel smarter,
    and also, I just think it looks funny the way it’s spelled.

  91. Francesca O'Brien says:

    Autodidactic – meaning self taught but appears to have been taught by masters.

    Because – In a way i think this applies best to Flight of the Conchords. They got together and seem to have taught themselves their unique style which is so unlike others. But it is such genius it would appear that they have been taught by some folk masters of the universe!!

    Love it anyway! x

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