Nick Miller’s Song of the Week


Last time we saw Nick, he was covering one well-known indie musician (Andrew Bird) and one superstar band (The Rolling Stones). This week, Nick returns with a song that he created himself. “Chemicals and Cowboy Boots” is a Nick Miller original, and is working it’s way on to many of my personal playlists. With an unbelievably catchy synth-guitar riff and electronic feel, Nick’s newest song of the week is very experimental, and represents a departure from Nick’s last two songs of the week (both covers). So enjoy the Nick original, and let him know how you feel about it. The only way he gets better is if he hears from you guys (but no more comments about him singing from his nose).

MP3: Nick Miller – “Chemicals and Cowboy Boots” [Nick Miller original]


Until next week,
Nick & Zack

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