Home Free + New M.I.A.


I’m free for the Summer! After a grueling 3 finals in 18 hours schedule, I have finally finished my freshman year and am ready for summer freedom (except for the 8-6 job and the possible internship in August). This joy is also compounded by the fact that we had the most site visitors yesterday then we’ve had since we moved to the new site (you guys must LOOOOOVE finals!!!). Right now, though, I don’t want to think about all of that. I just want to dance. Who better to aid me in this than lo-fi dance-hall champ M.I.A.? Her newest release will be out soon, but here’s a little taste. Also, check the video for her other single “Bird Flu”, right here.

MP3: M.I.A. – “Hit That”

“All I wanna do is zoom zoom zoom in your boom boom boom.” My thoughts exactly.


4 Responses to Home Free + New M.I.A.

  1. jayne says:

    Happy Holis Zack!!
    have a whooping great one…


  2. Finals? Naw. Maybe for college kids, but not for naive little highschoolers (for most of my kind, they’re in June). SOLs? Hellzs yesssssss. Gotta love standardized testing. Instead of using your chansons while studying, though, I used them to regain my cool after not really studying at all. Um.

    Oh, and despite all the negative feedback she gets on other blogs (from what I’ve read, at least) for being nonsensical, I like M.I.A. quite a bit. I suppose it’s a combination of her nonsense and then her accent (I’d do anything except die to have her accent) and the sounds she makes that make her enjoyable for me. And then there’s “Bird Flu,” which pretty much convinced me that her music was worthwhile.

  3. adam says:


  4. Derek says:

    The new M.I.A. album is in at the office and the last track, “Paper Planes”, is one of the single greatest things I’ve ever heard, and I’m not even really a fan of hers. It has the best chorus of the year, featuring a percussion comprised solely of gunshots, the sound of a gun reloading, and shotgun shells bouncing off the floor. Seriously.

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