Mazarin + Puma Commercials


I was recently watching the newest Puma spots that are getting serious airtime on multiple stations, and I thought to myself, “where have I heard that song before?”, so I did some researching. Then it hit me: All four 15 second commercials feature the catchy, quality track “For Energy Infinite” by Mazarin, who sadly recently called it quits. Then it hit me again: I had seen Mazarin perform the song live when they opened for The Walkmen at 9:30 in DC way back last June. Then it hit me yet again: I had downloaded their 2005 effort, We’re Already There, right after the concert yet had never really given it a listen. Then it hit me once more: The album is awesome. Not only is “For Energy Infinite” an upbeat, radio-ready single, but “The New American Apathy” is one of the more beautiful songs I’ve heard in a good long time. I just can’t get enough of every single part of the song. The album as a whole is quite well put-together and refined, and somehow slipped through the ATG cracks, but not anymore. Now I’m hitting myself for sleeping on this album.

MP3: Mazarin – “For Energy Infinite”

Here’s my favorite of the Puma spots. Check out the other three here, here, and here.

Mazarin // Buy We’re Already There



2 Responses to Mazarin + Puma Commercials

  1. Dennis says:

    Me too!
    I’ve been watching those commercials as well thinking I’d heard that singer’s voice before, but without being able to recall where.
    Thanks for reminding me of Mazarin; I didn’t even know this song, my favourite song of the album was “Another One Goes By”

  2. Ekin says:

    i even taped the commercial so as to listen to it every day but at last i did a little research myself and have been listening to the same song over and over on my ipod…thank you so much for writing such an amazing song mazarin!!!

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