Mixtape Mondays With Tim – Inaugural Post


Welcome to the first post of Mixtape Mondays. I’m Tim Nazanin, the newest contributor to the All Things Go family, here to talk about hip-hop mixtapes that you, the loyal reader, should know about. A little about me: I’m from Chicago (the suburbs, but we got a hard life with tax fraud and soccer moms), and I love everything about hip-hop, from the old-school style of Tribe, Wu-Tang, Biggie to Leanin’ and Rockin’ with Dem Franchise Boyz and Snappin My Fingas wit Lil Jon. I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for those songs, but I can’t help it. But enough intros, let’s get to today’s mixtape:


The mixtape that you guys should definitely hit up is Drive Slow: The Mixtape by GLC and A-Trak. GLC is Kanye West’s protégé and A-Trak is Kanye’s DJ, so you know that this mixtape is going to be hot just by these two being associated with Mr. Chi-town himself. There are two songs that headline the mixtape that you guys should take a listen to.

On “Drive Slow (A-Trak Remix)”, A-Trak takes a song that is already hot and ups the hotness by adding an epic twist with orchestral strings to accompany the original instrumentals. Then there is a little surprise in the middle during Paul Wall’s verse, as A-Trak tosses in a screwed version of Paul Wall’s “Sittin Sideways”, and then goes back to the orchestral string assemble. The only way this song could get better was if Nate Dogg came in and sang the hook…not a bad idea…I’ll bring it up when I see him at bingo night tomorrow at the community center.

Can you top the chorus (“I gotta stay fly-y-y-y-y because I’m from the CHI-I-I-I”) in “Stay Fly (From The Chi)”? GLC and A-Trak take the song that started the infamous career of Academy Award Winners Three Six Mafia and sprinkled some Chicago on it, reinventing the party song.

MP3: GLC & A-Trak – “Drive Slow (A-Trak Remix)”
MP3: GLC & A-Trak – “Stay Fly (From the Chi)”

Thanks for taking the time to read my first post. If any of you have any suggestions on how I can make it better or just want to hook me up with a mixtape to listen to and write about, just email me at tnazanin44@hotmail.com
I’m out…give it to the world, peace love and Gap.

5 Responses to Mixtape Mondays With Tim – Inaugural Post

  1. thomas says:

    yo keep it up with the mixtapes. love the first post. im sure you already have, but you should definitly check out da drought 3 by lil wayne

  2. c. bear says:

    YAY TIM! your head is MASSIVE

  3. Everett says:

    I’m definitely excited about the new feature, but I think Three 6 Mafia would be offended that you ignored their earlier hits (and they WERE hits) “Slob On My Knob” and “Ridin’ Spinners”, both of which preceded “Stay Fly”.

    And in response to “thomas”, I don’t think Da Drought 3 is Weezy’s best effort. I personally prefer The Greatest Rapper Alive (1 and 2 both), Dedication 2 and Young Money Millionaire. Check ’em out.

  4. jewpooh says:

    Greatest Raper Alive over Drought 3? Your slippin. I think Drought 3 showcases Weezy’s lyrical talent at its finest. Obviously Dedication 2 will go down as the greatest mixtape of all time, but that’s a different story. Young Money Millionaire isn’t an official mixtape release by Lil Wayne, but Lil Weezyana Volume 1 is, and contains many of the songs from Young Money Millionaire. If you haven’t hear Lil Weezyana your missing out on some definite upcoming and talented New Orleans rap, which is dominating the game right now (Lil Wayne , Birdman, Curren$y, Brisco, on the serious side!). Holler.

  5. joe says:

    i dont know how i missed this release last year….drive slow was only my favorite track from kanye’s release……

    from a fellow chicago suburbian (suburbite? surburbiite? suburboan? – from anchorman) to another, where can we hear the rest of that mixtape?

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