Introducing: Nick Miller’s Song of the Week


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Nicholas Charles Miller is a 19-year-old prodigy and freshman at the University of Wisconsin. He and his guitars are inseperable, and he is a garageband genius. I first came to know Nick when I walked past his room and heard a hip-hop remix of “I Dream of Jeanie”, which Nick has masterfully crafted. We slowly discovered that we have fairly similar tastes in music, and ever since we have had some deep conversations about different bands and music styles.

Nick’s has a very versatile style, as his favorite bands are Radiohead, Bill Withers, Jeff Buckley, Feist, and Nina Simone. He plays more fun, upbeat music with his band The Maxwells, but his true talent shines in his more subdued, soft acoustic work. He has a knack for creating unique melodies and thoughtful lyrics, in addition to being a quality cover artist.

Over the next few months, we will be posting “Nick Miller’s Song of the Week”, which will be either a cover or a Nick original. Let us know how you feel about the music, as Nick is very interested in getting some feedback from a larger audience (his myspace doesn’t quite get the exposure ATG does). Nick kicks things off with a cover of Andrew Bird’s masterpiece, “Masterfade”. Enjoy, and get ready world, ’cause Nick Miller has arrived.

MP3: Nick Miller – “Masterfade (Andrew Bird Cover)”



12 Responses to Introducing: Nick Miller’s Song of the Week

    thanks for your post 🙂

    Best Regards…

  2. ikswezsok07 says:

    Sweet heavenly balls this guy rocks. I swear I’ve been waiting so long to hear this kind of tasty shit. THANK YOU Nick Miller. I already feel like I know you as a good friend.

  3. Jack says:

    I don’t normally post on anything about anything, but this is awesome.

    I’m happy to know you’ll be posting more.

  4. Derek says:

    This is actually like way good.

  5. BigBoy36 says:

    hey nice shit!

  6. jayne says:

    it actually sounds good.. way good man..
    crisp clear vocals, very refreshing

  7. daniel says:

    Nasel vocals, guy should support from his diaphram… It is pretty much the same as Bird’s, it is kind of hard to cover Bird coz he adds character that is hard to match, like covering Johnny Cash or Neil Young. It is nice to hear the song the song though. Maybe reverb to the vocals?

  8. Nique says:

    man, daniel, you and every vocal teacher i’ve ever had

  9. dankalanka lanka shit man. imressive

  10. valerieflames says:

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    Email your submission – one per person please – to –

  11. […] time we saw Nick, he was covering one well-known indie musician (Andrew Bird) and one superstar band (The Rolling Stones). This week, Nick returns with a song that […]


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