All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. II



Today is a very special day. And every special day deserves a special mixtape. I’m actually incredibly surprised to get this mix up on time (as last year’s mix went up 3 days late…). In honor of this very happy day, I have re-upped the ATG Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. I, which you can grab here (or find on the Mixtapes page above), as well as created this masterpiece. Lets get to the All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. II

DOWNLOAD: All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. II [follow link]

MP3: 1. The Apples in Stereo – “Vocoder Ba Ba”
This is more of a joke, clocking in at a massive 14 seconds long. It’s just here to get you in the right mindset for the rest of the mix.

MP3: 2. Beck – “The New Pollution”
I’m not a huge Beck fan, but I cannot get enough of this song. I know it’s old and I know everyone’s heard it a million times, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that the surreal beat sounds so damn awesome after a nice session.

MP3: 3. Ghostland Observatory – “Silver City”
My girlfriend Claire has some superb taste in music, and while I normally don’t give her respect for the songs she finds for me (because I’m selfish and can’t stand anyone elses recommendations), this one is well-deserved. I listened to it 8 times the first night she sent it to me, and have only slowed that pace slightly since. In fact, it’s even my ringtone right now. The entrancing background bass and synth-driven melodies are the perfect combination for a mind-altering track on this mind-altering mixtape.

MP3: 4. Royksopp – “Remind Me”
This song, featured prominently in the Geico commercials, is just way too good not to be on some sort of mix. Whether it’s a sleep mix, a drive mix, or a weed mix, “Remind Me” is absolutely beautiful in a completely effortless way. Royksopp was featured on last year’s mix, just because any of their music is perfect for this beautiful day.

MP3: 5. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names – “Rent a Wreck”
I just wrote about these guys last week. I needed at least one incredibly happy, upbeat, trippy beat (see: Atom & His Package last year) and “Rent a Wreck” is just that, with perfect sing-a-long vocals and a bouncy synth line that may or may not make you eargasm.

MP3: 6. Peter Bjorn & John – “Amsterdam”
Not only is the song quite good, but it’s titled “Amsterdam”. No description necessary.

MP3: 7. Andrew Bird – “Simple X”
I needed at least one Andrew Bird song in this mix. After debating between 4 songs, i chose “Simple X” because: A) it’s a more ethereal and interesting track by Andrew and B) because you may not have heard it before. Just sit back and enjoy the wonder that is Andrew Bird. For a perfect cannabliss mix, just put any of his albums on repeat.

MP3: 8. Radiohead – “Idioteque”
I’m not a huge Radiohead lover, but this song is just too perfect for this mix to be passed up. I’m sure most of you have heard it before, so I’m not going to ramble on about it’s glory and emotion, except to say that it’s both glorious and emotional.

MP3: 9. Dntel – “Dumb Luck”
Again, I just wrote about this song yesterday, so I’ll revert you back to my description there.

MP3: 10. Electric President – “Good Morning, Hypocrite”
Electric President is in the vein of Dntel, and their epic masterpiece, “Insomnia” was featured on the OC and on my Night Drive Mixtape II. “Good Morning, Hypocrite” is a more subdued track, with innocent, whispering vocals and a beautifully crafted mellow beat. This song is perfect for the last stages of a high, when the listener is ready to close his eyes.

MP3: 11. 65 Days of Static – “Radio Protector”
I had to save the most epic song for last. This 5:17 masterpiece is unrivaled in passion, yet features no lyrics. Little did I know that a song with just a piano, drums, and a few simple synths could convey such emotion. This may be the most fitting song on the mix, and is a flawless finale for this mixtape.

I hope you enjoyed the ATG Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. II. Remember to smoke carefully, and to practice moderation. And if you are the police and you are reading this, please don’t bust me, I don’t want my mellow to be harshed.



7 Responses to All Things Go Cannabliss Mixtape Vol. II

  1. anoymous says:


  2. c. bear says:

    i love youu and im very proud of you for getting this mix up on the day of.

  3. anoNymous says:

    the someone else’s radio remix of remind me is also really good

  4. A Nonny Mouse says:

    Great shit (no pun intended); the greatest song I’ve ever heard stoned is still “La Femme d’Argent” by Air.

  5. chrisrowe says:

    Amsterdam is a great song, Writer’s Block is a great album. Love the timing cuz, keep up the good work.

  6. Marley says:

    oh man such a awesome mix
    love to stare at and chill with this
    trips me out with a blunt far out dude!

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