Just Don’t Forget That it’s Dumb Luck That Got You Here – New Dntel


Jimmy Tamborello is back with the much anticipated follow up to his 2001 gem, Life is Full of Possibilities. The man behind The Postal Service and James Figurine brings plenty of friends along for the ride, including Jenny Lewis, Conor Oberst, and Grizzly Bear, providing soothing melodies for the artists. Those looking for something to hold them over until a new Postal Service album (which could be a while, or never) wont want to hear this, as the tone of the album as a whole is very soft and effortless, which is a stark contrast to the vocals provided by Ben Gibbard. The new album, Dumb Luck, will be Dntel’s first release on Sub Pop.

Tamborello is the pioneer of this indescribable genre; a cross between folk, electronica, ambience, and experimental pop. Really, I have no way to summarize Dntel’s sound (as you can see by the previous sentence). Jenny Lewis contributes her trademark alt-country vocals to “Roll on”; a soft, airy song that flows in and out of focus like a radio dial being turned back and forth to find the clearest signal. Mia Doi Todd, who I’ve never heard of before this song, comes out of nowhere to create a doozy of a late-night relaxation track clearly designed for driving around with the top down at 4am (Night Drive Mix 3 anyone?). This song,”Rock my Boat”, is perfectly named, as Tamborello somehow captures the sound of what I would imagine a boat rocking back and forth slowly would sound like. On the title track (“Dumb Luck”), Tamborello reminds us that this is his album, and does so quite well. My favorite track on the album features some unorthodox, yet soothing bloops and bleeps, and Jimmy’s own voice, which is much better than you might think. I hate to only post three songs, as Dumb Luck is really one of those albums that is best listened to completely through, in one sitting.

Seeing as how 4/20 is right around the corner, I might suggest that you listen to this album blazed. I’ve personally never done it, but I hear from people that it’s life changing. It changed my life. I mean, it would’ve changed my life if I had smoked. True story.

MP3: Dntel – “Roll on (ft. Jenny Lewis)”
MP3: Dntel – “Rock My Boat (ft. Mia Doi Todd)”
MP3: Dntel – “Dumb Luck”

The album drops on April 24th, but you can pre-order it here.



2 Responses to Just Don’t Forget That it’s Dumb Luck That Got You Here – New Dntel

  1. thenicholasj says:

    pretty sweet album, indeed.

  2. thebooblyb says:

    best track on the album is the grizzly bear one hands down

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