And It’s Bigger Than Everything Thing I Have Ever Done, Before


Suburban Kids With Biblical Names (the name comes from a Silver Jews song) are beginning their ascent into the indie-pop limelight, and deservedly so. The swedish duo of Johan Hedberg and Peter Gunnarson have crafted a wonderfully catchy debut full length, titled #3, using impossibly infectious hooks and adorable lyrics to match. When I first heard them, a few artists came to mind. They’re like a combination of The Boy Least Likely To’s innocent, cheerful tone, Dntelesque beats (at times), and vocals that sound strikingly similar to Jens Lekman.

“Loop Duplicate My Heart” sounds like a cross between a Postal Service song on ecstasy and the music from the beach level in Mario Kart 64. I’ve listened to this song an unhealthily large amount in the past month, and even tried to chop & screw it, playing around with the beats and vocals in Garageband (to no avail). “Rent a Wreck” is even catchier than “Loop Duplicate”, if that’s even possible. With a bouncy melody that relies heavily on “bom boms” with matching piano and guitar parts, Johan and Peter have created an indie-radio ready single that’s accessible to even the most picky ears.

I really had trouble choosing only three songs to post for your listening pleasure, so I picked three different styles to give you all a more complete picture of what these guys are capable of. I cannot recommend #3 enough, and I demand that you pick the album up. That way you guys can brag that you heard them first when they become the new It blog buzz band (even though they sorta are, meh).

MP3: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – “Loop Duplicate My Heart
MP3: Suburban Kids with Biblical Names – “Rent a Wreck
MP3: Suburban Kids with Biblicial Names – “Little Boys in the Ghetto

Buy #3 // Official Website // Hear More Suburban Kids with Biblical Names



4 Responses to And It’s Bigger Than Everything Thing I Have Ever Done, Before

  1. c. bear says:

    this is a beary good post.

  2. Jimothy McKay says:

    the track Parakit is superb too.

  3. Laura says:

    i’ve heard of skbn albums 2 years ago, funny how they’re being more recognized now. rent a wreck is in that car commercial. is it that where you found them?

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