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The second I heard WinterKids‘ “Hear Me Out”, from their new album Memoirs (released today!), I was blown away by catchy melodies and vocal patterns that immediately reminded me of The Anniversary, and old Blink 182 (when they were cool, and I was 15), but only if you imagine Tom DeLonge with a British accent and without any annoying nasal qualities. To say it succinctly, WinterKids is a wonderful synthesis of modern dance/indie rock, and late 90s indie pop (yeah, remember when Blink was on Kung Fu Records?). If you want to start your day off right, or feel infinitely/instantly better from a hard day, check these guys (and gal) out.

WinterKids – Hear Me Out

WinterKids – Brainwashed Since 17

Portugal the Man quietly released an EP a couple weeks ago entitled It’s Complicated Being a Wizard. While it’s an enjoyable 40-minute sonic journey, it’s largely based around one melody from “How the Leopard Got Its Spots” (from Waiter: “You Vultures!”), so the EP feels somewhat uninspired, but interesting nonetheless. A plethora of instrumental ideas are brought to fruition, but it is lacking organic input – most instrumentation is borne from wires and computer chips.

Portugal the Man – Black Magic

We haven’t really talked about a surprising five-piece out of Brooklyn, New York known as Arizona, and that’s a shame. The group possesses many stunning qualities – a voice reminiscent of Velvet Teen and/or Decibully, the smooth rock grooves of classic rock noodlers, and a general vintage vibe that can only bring about pleasant tidings. To top it off, these guys are apparently unsigned. Someone start a label, quick.

Arizona – Thimble

Arizona – Splintering

– Nicholas J.

3 Responses to Tunes for Tuesday

  1. Jak says:

    was wondering what happened to winterKids after that single. thnks

  2. David says:

    I absolutely adore Arizona, esp. ‘Thimble.’

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