Blackpool Lights


Refreshed – that was the first thing I felt after listening to Blackpool Lights for the first time. The Kansas City trio formed shortly after the break-up of the Get Up Kids and, unlike other offshoots of the now-defunct band such as Reggie and the Full Effect and the New Amsterdams, manages to maintain the feel-good sound that made so many people fall in love with the legendary emo pioneers. However, don’t expect Blackpool Lights to be a simple continuation of its past. The band, led by former Get Up Kids guitarist Jim Suptic, has a more indie, down-to-earth feel similar to Hot Rod Circuit and Lux Courageous. Their 2006 full-length, This Town’s Disaster, satisfies the range of songs that is characteristic of any good indie-emo band, including poppy-upbeat tracks such as “Blue Skies,” as well as somber yet epic songs like “Crash Sounds.” Make sure to pick up this album (and download their free tour EP while you’re at it), and keep an eye out for these guys throughout the year.

MP3: Blackpool Lights – Blue Skies
MP3: Blackpool Lights – Crash Sounds


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3 Responses to Blackpool Lights

  1. thenicholasj says:

    dude, i love this.

  2. ekko says:

    I’m not a big emo fan, but I kinda like this.

  3. mordog says:

    I am from KC and have seen these guys live and they are fantastic

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