Hot Cross – Risk Revival

Ah, midterms are over and I can finally start writing about all the new music I’ve been listening to lately. I’ll begin with Hot Cross, recent signees to Equal Vision Records (so you know it’s good). On their latest release, Risk Revival, the Philly five-piece draws from several different genres to produce what could not have been a better label debut. This album contains a little bit of everything – sick prog-rock guitar licks, groovy garage-punk riffs, and powerful vocals likening to traditional punk bands. If anything, I’d liken this band to a more punk-rock At the Drive-In. Nevertheless, whether you’re a mascara-wearing scenester or an ordinary indie hipster, Hot Cross’ Risk Revival is an album you don’t want to pass up.

Hot Cross – Fire the Foundations

Hot Cross – Turncoat Revolution


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  1. Jeff Garner says:

    Hot Cross Rocks!

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