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Vince Griffin is five times the man I am. Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease in 2005, Vince channeled his pain and emotion into songwriting and the product is his 2007 effort, We Came Here to Die. With help from some friends, Vince aka Bear Colony has created some truly passionate and unique music. With some songs relying heavily on bleeps and bloops (they even have a song titled “Blips/bleeps”) and electronic beats, Bear Colony seamlessly blends together more traditional instruments with new, more experimental ones. The highlight track, fittingly titled “Hospital Rooms Aren’t for Lovers”, spotlights both the creativity of the band and Vince’s surprisingly advanced vocals. To top it off, Jesse Ledoux (former art director of Subpop) has contributed some quality album art. I can easily see either of the below tracks on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but that’s much more of a compliment than an insult (see: Jim Noir and Metric on the latest Grey’s soundtrack). With accessible rhythms and heartfelt lyrics to boot, you haven’t seen the last of Bear Colony.

MP3: Bear Colony – Hospital Rooms Aren’t for Lovers
MP3: Bear Colony – Sharks

Also, Connor of IGIF was nice enough to share his code for the cute little band info thing he includes in each post with me, so thanks to Connor and make sure you check it out.


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4 Responses to Bear Colony

  1. ekko says:

    dude, i got that disease too.

  2. Alex says:

    I love this band and I love this site. Thanks for showing me them!

  3. It was a lot of fun to stumble upon this post about Bear Colony. I had assumed that Chase was the one on lead vocal. I love it that it is Vince. Great sound. Great album. I wish them much success.

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