Rx Bandits Interview

It’s a dream come true. I will be interviewing the Rx Bandits this Wednesday, February 21 on Georgetown Radio. I don’t know at what time this will be happening, but since it will most likely be during the middle of the day, I will find some way to record the interview and transcribe it onto the website. However, keep checking this post for updates on when it will occur – if you listen in you’ll be treated to some in-studio acoustic performances. Please leave any questions for the band in the comments.


3 Responses to Rx Bandits Interview

  1. christopher duran says:

    Dude congrats man! Matt Embree is a furious beast. You need to post some of his solo works so we can all cop that.

  2. Judge Mental says:

    did you check out the concert at 930?

  3. Eric says:

    Nice! RXB (at least Chris and Matt) are old school pals of my wife and I. I remember haning out in Seal Beach back in like 1999 and watching them practice in Matt’s parent’s garage. Great dudes!

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