All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape Two


Some say that Valentine’s Day is a hallmark holiday and solely created to feed consumerism, but those people are either incapable of love or have been heartbroken one too many times. I have always looked forward to this day, even though I was the kid who was slighted every time the cool kids passed out Valentines to everyone in the class but me. Well here’s payback, in music form. With this second edition of the All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape (part 1 came out last Feb. 14th), I’m giving to everyone. Enjoy.

ALSO, I’ve re-uploaded the original ATG Valentine’s Day Mixtape One in .zip form, and you can find it in the original post or through the Mixtape tab at the top of the page. Keep in mind it was the first mixtape I made on ATG, so the writing is fairly, if not completely, lame.


DOWNLOAD: All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape Vol. II [follow link]

MP3: 1. The Beatles – All You Need is Love
Perfectly fitting that this mixtape begins with horns, trumpeting the glory of love. This remake (off of 2006’s LOVE), originally released on Yellow Submarine, is relatively untouched, mostly because the song was perfect as was.

MP3: 2. Outkast – Happy Valentine’s Day
This was the only song also featured on the original ATG Valentine’s Day Mixtape, so I’ll refer to my description last year; “One of the sexiest, hippest, funkiest, jazziest, freshiest, songs ever created. Andre 3000 released a double album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, with fellow Outkaster Big Boi in late 2004, though Andre definetely stole the show. He speaks over the track much like Barry White did on his songs, using his vocals as a background to the beat of the song, which features a simple bassline, claps, and a catchy, yet quite simple, guitar riff. This song perfectly exemplifies the sexy feeling one gets on this day of love.” Pretty much.

MP3: 3. Teddybears – Yours to Keep (ft. Neneh Cherry)
I just did a little write-up about the multiple versions of this song a few days back. I chose the Neneh Cherry version because it gives off a more soft, cuddly vibe full of youthful, innocent, immature love.

MP3: 4. The Format – Inches and Falling
The Format just exude adorableness, so really most songs on Dog Problems could work for a Valentine’s mix, but I chose “Inches and Falling” because of the first three lines of the song; “I love love/ I love being in love/ I don’t care what it does to me”. Even if the whole message of the song isn’t lovely, it’s beginning alone is enough to find a spot here.

MP3: 5. The Blow – Parentheses
The Blow are my new obsession, and “Parentheses”, off of their latest effort, Paper Television (#2 on my Top Albums of 2006 list), was one of the two songs that sucked me in, again because of sweet, youthful lyrics. For example, the chorus begins with “When you’re holding me/ We make a pair of parentheses”. Can you get more endearing than that?

MP3: 6. Voxtrot – The Start of Something
Derek introduced me to Voxtrot about a year or so ago, and while “The Start of Something” has been on heavy rotation ever since, I didn’t truly realize how fitting this song was for a V-day mix until I started compiling the mixtape. With delicate vocals and a young-love feel, Voxtrot has created a song that is the quintessence (I use a thesaurus because Claire says I use the words incredible, adorable, cute, cuddly, awesome, and epic way too much) of a love song.

MP3: 7. Air Traffic – Just Abuse Me
Air Traffic (also introduced to me by Derek) takes a different, more masochistic approach to the love song. “Just Abuse Me” trades in the tender, lovey-dovey lyrics with more twisted, grown-up, realistic ones, such as “Im independent but I’m tied to you/ You lied to me, I’d die for you/ But I can’t read your mind.” That’s my kind of love.

MP3: 8. Rhymefest – Build Me Up (ft. O.D.B.)
While this may be the anti-love song, since it’s about a girl letting a boy down on multiple occasions, Rhymefest somehow transforms an absolute classic into an accessible track that teaches listeners to be careful what, or more accurately, who you wish for. Still, this new spin deserves a spot, if only to inform listeners of the dangers of throwing yourself at someone.

MP3: 9. Say Anything – Alive With the Glory of Love
Adrian and I used to pump this song up in my 1991 Volvo 240 (my indie cred just skyrocketed) and sing along, poorly. Cleverly using metaphors and images (“Should they kill me/ Your love will fill me/ As warm as the bullets”), to get across the point that love is worth fighting and even dying for. Also, any song that starts with “When I watch you/ Wanna do you/ Right where you’re standing” deserves a place on this mix.

MP3: 10. Stars – Elevator Love Letter
Stars may just be the epitome of a love-song band. Armed with two expert vocalists, meaningful lyrics, and stunning melodies to boot, these guys just pump out beautiful song after beautiful song. After giving all of their works a good listen, “Elevator Love Letter” stood out, and was the simple choice.

MP3: 11. The Rolling Stones – Under My Thumb
This spectacularly simple track is dedicated to my main squeeze, Claire Amelie Cafritz (see, I do give you shoutouts!).

MP3: 12. The Long Winters – Pushover
These guys, much like Stars, are warm love-song masterminds. While “Cinnamon” was the centerpiece to last year’s V-Day Mixtape, “Pushover” perfectly compliments the rest of the mix by providing a more stereotypically fluffy, lovely feel.

MP3: 13. Brett Dennen – The One Who Loves You the Most
Brett is finally getting some love from the media, and for good reason. With completely accessible rhythms and lyrics, Brett has created a masterpiece with 2006’s release, So Much More. This song in particular is more directed at a lovely lady, and Brett gets to crooning right from the get-go.

MP3: 14. The Blow – Come on Petunia
The Blow returns to the mixtape with a semi-cover of “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” by The Police. While she recycles the chorus, the verses are all new, and less sappy than the original. With a simplistic, repititious beat in the background, Khaela Maricich narrates a beautifully indie love story.

MP3: 15. The Decemberists – The Crane Wife 3
The most somber track on the mixtape is the icing on the heart-shaped cake, brought to you by The Decemberists. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is not only my favorite Decemberists song, but also one of the most well composed and passionate songs I have ever laid ears upon. A flawless ending to another ATG mixtape.

Thanks for checking out the All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape Two. Make sure you check out volume one (here), and be sure to kiss your significant other today, whether that be your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, parent, or this:


PS: happy birthday to Joanna “Jojo” Davis.



17 Responses to All Things Go Valentine’s Day Mixtape Two

  1. c. bear says:

    EPIC mix, it’s both incredible and adorable while remaining cuddly and awesome. thanks for the shout out. i wruv you. -c. bear

  2. thanks for the Valentine’s Tracks

  3. This is wonderful. Why is it always the people who felt left out in gradeschool who end up being the biggest sentimental saps? I think it is a coincedence (not causal). I think it is because we are sensitive. Water doesn’t roll off our backs, it burns us. Memories don’t escape into the void, we hold to them with reunion grief and sentimental longing to go back and taste again what we once experienced with our awareness half asleep.

    Can I do that over? I wasn’t paying attention.

  4. anonymous says:

    your taste in music is virtually flawless. thanks for posting this and everything else.

  5. Nicki says:

    I love that you put “Inches and Failing” into the mix. I’ve been humming/listening to it all day; it seemed appropriate. Plus, it’s so catchy!

  6. thenicholasj says:

    you better bet The Blow is on there.

  7. Boaz says:

    good stuff, i’ll be doing my usual thing and sending this to my girlfriend as if it were my own 😛 kidding

  8. Gretchen says:

    Hate Valentine’s Day, love the mix tape. If you enjoy The Long Winters, you should check out The Paper Chase…they’ve got a really great, unique sound. Check their clips as well as their full tour (with Explosions in the Sky) out at

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  10. liberi says:

    Du musst ein Fachmann sein – wirklich guter Aufstellungsort, den du hast!

  11. amanda says:

    kudos on a good mix.

  12. post3r says:

    now you can download mp3 here

  13. tijana says:

    i think valentine is a great day. we are proud of the love and we celebrite it on that day. love is everything it is happening to us everyday so why don’t we make one day of our lives special for that feeling. i love love it makes my life easier. and it is a fact love is in the air

  14. Raj says:

    Sadly, the download link for Valentine’s Mixtape II isn’t working. Any chance of a re-upload?

    Thank you for your phenomenal blog — always a bright spot in my Internet surfing, and on my iPod…

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  16. Ganz schön formuliert – super.

  17. I can only agree – great!

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