The Nostalgic Weekend

So, I came up with the idea to feature a band of the past every weekend, as a way to appreciate some great music that was awfully influential, and still worth a spin, posthumously or not. Please give me some feedback if this something you, the readers, want to see.

The first band to grace this category is Seattle’s Murder City Devils. This band had members from so many other bands, such as Modest Mouse, Pretty Girls Make Graves, Big Business, and even Hole (keyboardist Leslie Hardy recorded on Hole’s 1993 release, Beautiful Son). Damn, even their roadie went on to be the roadie for Sparta and Blood Brothers!

The band’s raw energy, and mixture of big guitar rock with dark, haunting keyboard lines earned them a spot in my heart of hearts. Spencer Moody’s vocals are slurred like a drunken sailor, but sung with such emotion and strength that it intoxicates the listener’s ears. You can even smell the whiskey in the speakers. Sadly, Murder City Devils broke up in 2001 to take on other projects, and played only a handful (maybe only two) of reunion shows, most recently in July ’06. Though they put out more than one release, the one that really shines for me is 2000’s In Name and Blood. The recording quality is impeccable, and the mastered sound is huge! I recommend listening to these songs on the highway, or if you’re downing a 40. Anyone down for Steel Reserve?

Murder City Devils – Press Gang
Murder City Devils – Bunkhouse
Murder City Devils – Rum to Whiskey

Visit their Website // Buy In Name and Blood // Sub Pop Records

– Nicholas J.


4 Responses to The Nostalgic Weekend

  1. Boaz says:

    WOW! great recomendation. I was lucky enough to see Murder City Devils support At The Drive-In in london some eyars ago, and though i didnt know anything about them (at the time) they completely blew the headliners off stage which was unexpected. I also adore Pretty Girls and its all down to that night.

    happy new year guys,


  2. jayne says:

    wow… it’s really cool, coz i’ve not heard of the above mentioned band before..
    great idea to show case 1 band from the past every weekend..

    something i really look forward to.. thanks!

  3. thenicholasj says:

    thanks jayne!

    i remember you commented before and i checked out your blog…you’re living in Singapore…and you have a picture of a snow-covered mailbox? hmm, i am suspicious.

    anyway, hope to hear from you soon! zack and adrian are both finishing up their 2006 wrap-ups.

  4. jayne says:

    hey dear,
    i do stay in Dingapore.. aka *Sunny Island*
    as for the snow-covered mailbox, it’s still my wish to see snow, having lived in the tropical climate alllll my life..

    oh, do add me to msn with my email addy that you see above and we’ll see if we can do some catching up (i know the diff in time zone is gona be tough..) -smiles-

    did i also mention i got hysterically happy when i saw you replying to moi?

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