The Daytime Volume

Welcome to 2007. While so many websites and magazines are ceaselessly announcing their year-end picks (SPIN picked Motion City Soundtrack…huh?), still others are awaiting the first fresh batch of this year’s tunes. Problem is, we’ve already heard a lot of what’s coming — Menomena, The Arcade Fire, Explosions in the Sky, Modest Mouse, Ted Leo, etc. So, as we sit in purgatory for something fresh (and where’s Zack and Adrian?), I wanted to introduce a band whose debut is coming out on January 23rd. How’s that for fresh?

The Daytime Volume hails from Portland, OR (so says their myspace page, but I feel like I saw other information that suggested they were from South Bend, IN), and was started by Jared Myers as just a solo project in his attic, but developed when his pesky roommate (guitarist Mike Beaton) wanted a little piece of the action. The rest of the story goes along the lines of other friends joining on, thus increasing the array of instrumentation (accordion, violin, and theramin, namely). I was first pulled in to this band by “Building By The Street” off the debut, The Day We Transposed, for a few reasons. First, the vocals are a little odd in that whiny way, but the doubling also adds a close and intimate feel. Second, the song’s overall buildup and dynamic is so precise — all the little additions find spots that are absolutely…appropriate. Finally, the explosion into the heavy second verse just kind of seals the deal for the listener, and we just have to press on. But you can press play.

The Daytime Volume – Building By The Street
The Daytime Volume – Midwest Stars (softer, but has a great chorus, and the lyrics are pretty relatable)

Visit their Myspace // Pre-Order The Day We Transposed

– Nicholas J.

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