Themed Thursdays: Songs for the Whole Family

This week’s Themed Thursday is focused on one aspect of the holidays: gathering with the family. Yep, everyone’s sitting around the tree (or keg), laughing and reflecting on past gatherings, while you slam that egg nog, trying to escape from the 246793rd time you’ve heard Mannheim Steamroller’s “We Three Kings”. No no, this is totally unnecessary — you shouldn’t have to sit down this holiday to cliche and artless music. The whole family will be able to sit down and enjoy these three gems.

Nicholas’ Choice: Belle & Sebastian – “Song For Sunshine”

I believe that every song by this band can be shared with the family. It has so many feel-good harmonies, and it turns every moment brighter. With “Song For Sunshine”, the bass and drums bring an instant groove, and an easygoing, yet driving verse. The chorus, however, explodes like a firework finale. It’s polished with the finest notes, and even dirty Uncle Al will put his beer down for it. The chorus alone would probably end any yuletide shouting match.

Zack’s Choice: The Long Winters – “Cinnamon”

Everyone in my family (my two brothers, my ‘rents, my dog) has, at one time or another, heard me playing this song on my computer and asked who it was. On our annual 13-hour-long drive to Michigan last year, I put the song on the car stereo and, to my surprise, everyone sang along. It was the sweetest, and most humiliatingly awkward moment in our family’s history.

Adrian’s Choice: will be up shortly.

Tune in to next week’s edition of Themed Thursday, and play the songs that your whole family can enjoy. It’s better than another “Holly Jolly Christmas”.


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