Kaki King

Last night, I had the privilege of seeing Kaki King perform in Albany, NY. This lovely lovely lovely lady plays the guitar as if it were her second brain (an apt title of one of her songs), seamlessly yet dynamically switching between acoustic, electric, and steel (aka slide) guitar. Her songs are light and fragile, heavy and sharp, or absolutely danceable. The beauty of her playing is not only the incredibly catchy notes, but her innovations of looping, tapping, and creating rhythm all upon her guitar. No, she’s not the first one to do this, but she’s definitely at forefront of those in action. The selected songs show a fine array of her ability. And she’s gorgeous.

Kaki King – Playing With Pink Noise
Kaki King – Yellowcake
Kaki King – Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

Kaki King’s Website // Buy …Until We Felt Red // Visit her Myspace

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