Music to Warm Your Inner Ear

You’re here, and I have to accept that:


Before I came into work at the wonderful hour of midnight, I felt the wind become crisp, the warm, dry air (that we totally didn’t deserve) flee to the south, carried by 10,000 canadian geese, and I looked at the weather forecast. Dire times, indeed.

We’ve been lucky, sure. I shouldn’t have been able to be outside in a tshirt the other day. I shouldn’t have been colder in the garage than in the driveway.

So midnight struck, and the winds became heavy. One coworker commented that it sounded like the arctic circle (which was false since I was in the arctic circle a little over a month ago, and it did NOT sound like…well, anything). We’re expecting snow, from Chicago and St. Louis, where 500,000 denizens are without power. I like to pretend that a fraction of those people are being punished for watching Fox News.

But if you’ve got power, then get some good music in your ears and make some tea/hot chocolate/soup.

then go sledding.

The Decemberists – Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then)
Horse Feathers – Blood On The Snow
Operation Ivy – Freeze Up


3 Responses to Music to Warm Your Inner Ear

  1. s says:

    as your dedication to this blog has been somewhat under-appreciated thus far, just thought I’d say ‘happy wintertime’ 😛

  2. Jayne K says:

    Seasons Greeting Nicholas! -smiles-

    i’ve not personally seen or touched snow yet (yeah, all my LIFE) and i’m aint no bullockin’

    but i just came back from a trip to India, where the mountains are, and my fingers and toes and feet cried out in pain for days afterwards.

    so here you here…
    a warm hug for a cold day

  3. hahah! That’s great. Wish I had that in MY front yard!

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