Ah, classes have finally ended. Although final exams are in sight, I still have a couple days of rest and relaxation. And what band better to sit back and relax to than Satori? I mentioned them briefly in my review of Rx Bandits’ …And the Battle Begun a while back. Satori is led by recent ex-Rx Bandits saxophonist Steve Borth. Although it pained me to see such a nice guy part ways with my favorite band, I’m glad he’s devoting his full attention to such a great project. You’ll find plenty of similarities between the two bands. The drums should without a doubt sound familiar since Rx Bandits’ drummer Chris Tsgakis’ lays down the beats for Satori. Other members, such as trombonist Chris Sheets, make appearances as well. However, Satori has an obvious larger reggae influence that the Rx Bandits. Stand out tracks “Finding Your Place” and “Celebration” both have lyrical and instrumental structures that are common of most songs in the genre. But Satori, with contributions from such talented musicians, are far from typical and add their own fun, personal spin to their music. The group also has some more dub-influenced, instrumental tracks such as “Karen’s Dub”. One other great thing about Borth’s new venture is that it gives him the chance to fully display his skills. The front-man has such a beautiful voice that he didn’t have the chance to fully use with the Rx Bandits. It’s great to see Borth still at work, and I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with.

Satori – Finding Your Place

Satori – Celebration

Satori – Karen’s Dub

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