They just rule.

As probably a laundry list of great things to come from The Promise Ring, Maritime is just top notch. With pelvic thrust-inspired guitar riffs, the “slow and low, just let yourself go” bass, and vocals that singer Davey Von Bohlen makes soar, this is the band to be listening to. My roommate has let this their album, “we the vehicles”, invade her life. It is always playing in her car. But, it’s always playing in my room before work. So, I’ll recommend her favorite song, and mine, “Young Alumni”.

These are both considered [download or die].

Maritime – Young Alumni
Maritime – Tearing Up The Oxygen

Visit Maritime’s Website // Flameshovel Records // Buy we, the vehicles

– Nicholas J.

2 Responses to Maritime

  1. me! says:

    young alumni is perfection! post more!

  2. Burst HQ says:

    Found your blog while searching for Maritime fans… they started their new project in our studio this week. Hopefully have some more details soon…

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