Fragile Grandiosity

I have a weird feeling that a certain band is going to be all over the place soon. I had the same feeling about Regina Spektor, and she’s become ubiquitous. In the beginning of the summer, I came across Annuals, a six-piece from North Carolina. Legend has it that a young man had a vision from the Great Unmentionables to create a sound that no one could shake a stick at. Even months later, I still cannot wrap my head around what the band is doing. It’s as if someone just took a pile of notes and made a wall of sound. There’s so many elements of pop, rock, folk, and hip hop within one minute, as well as a beautiful texture of organic and synthetic instruments. The vocal dynamics are well-rounded, and no one ever said that two drumsets are bad, either.

Annuals – Bleary Eyed [download or die]
Annuals – Carry Around

Visit Their Myspace // Buy Be He Me

-Nicholas J.

2 Responses to Fragile Grandiosity

  1. Good prediction with Spektor.

    And I’ll look out for these guys. Thanks for the tip.

  2. MENSA says:

    yea they got some chaos brewed right into the mix

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