New Explosions in the Sky Song


I was all smiles when I saw that Explosions in the Sky posted a new song off of their upcoming 2007 full-length. As always, the band did not let me down. “Welcome, Ghosts” is a vibrant, exciting song that is chock full of those relaxing ambient guitars while also packing a punch with some aggressive drum beats. This is perhaps one of their most intricate pieces yet, far more complex than any song they have released before.

Explosions in the Sky – Welcome, Ghosts

Official Website // Temporary Residence



6 Responses to New Explosions in the Sky Song

  1. Charlie says:

    explosions in the sky is one of my favorite bands that I discovered this year. i started listening to them without knowing they made most of the friday night lights soundtrack, but i quickly noticed. the one thing i love about explosions is that they have this ability to convery emotions trhough instrumental music, something that is rare. when i listen to explosions, i feel moved to reflect about life, no joke.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    I can’t recall if I found Explosions in the Sky through this blog or GWFA but either way, I’m awfully thankful, I love it! Perfect for study/paper writing music.

    This song cannot download fast enough, thanks for posting it!

  3. jamina says:

    i LOVE this song. thanks for posting it && introducing me to the band 😀

  4. Michelle says:

    Hey guys. I’ve always loved the stuff you post.
    This new Explosions in the Sky song reminds me that I need to ask you if you could pretty pretty please re-upload your All Things Go Sleep Mixtape. By far one of my favorite mixes to date.

    Thanks for bringing up lots of great new music. ^_^

  5. voyeur says:

    Brilliant! And I haven’t seen this on any other blog, so you’re ahead of the game as far as I’m concerned. Thanks from a HUGE Explosions fan – you’ve made my month!

  6. blobage says:

    I heard this band at a record store in Belmont shores Cali and I so wanted to own all their works. I could have used this music in life when i lost my way, but now that i have found it I will pass it on to my 2 boys and daughter and friends stay together EITS.

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