Some New Music

It snowed in Madison yesterday. Awh yeah.

Contest Update: some people (namely Claire “I can’t take a challenge” Cafritz) have commented that the Borat contest is difficult, and that, teaming with the fact that we’ve gotten 3 submissions in 4 days, has led me to amend the contest. If you still want to come up with a movie plot, that is greatly encouraged, but as of now, all you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite Washington Redskin and/or Washington Wizard and your name and email address and ill pick 3 of them as winners. Maybe this will help me get over the fact that my ‘Skins were emasculated by Philly 27-3 today. For those of you that already came up with a plot, you’re awesome and I’ll find a special prize for you guys.

Now some music!

Jim Noir – Key of C
This song is just so damn infectiously catchy and simple. Perfect for walking the dog in the middle of a sunny day, “Key of C” is just too soft and adorable to be taken very seriously. But some music can be uncomplicated and unserious while still sounding quality and thoughtful. This song is just that.

Damien Jurado – Denton, TX
Damien Jurado has become my perfect study-partner this semester. His whole new album, And Now that I’m in Your Shadow, is a masterpiece, blending upbeat acoustic tracks with more mellow, thoughtful, ethereal ones. “Denton, TX” is definitely the album’s highlight, and I definitely recommend this song to lovers of Iron & Wine, Sufjan. Also make sure you check out Damien’s older work, including the song “Ohio”, featured on Derek‘s M3 Volume 5

Andrew Bird – Tables and Chairs (Black Session 3/21/05)
The original version of this song was featured on the All Things Go Sleep Mixtape and is, in my opinion, Andrew’s best work to date. This Black Session version brings a whole new perspective on the song, featuring more varied vocals and rhythm. I’ve been listening to this one for a while, but I realized I hadn’t posted it yet, so enjoy.

Hellogoodbye – I Saw it on Your Keyboard
Call me whatever you want, but I absolutely love Hellogoodbye. “Call and Return” popped my Hellogoodbye cherry, and I have been in love with their borderline ridiculous cute cuddlyness. This song borrows the melody of “Ode to Joy” in hilariously poppy fashion and, although it is completely unlike most other ATG music, I had to put it up.

Page France – Chariot and Antarctica (Daytrotter Sessions)
These more rough versions of two quality Page France tracks (much like Andrew Bird with “Tables and Chairs” above) take an already great song and approach it quite differently. I like these songs because I find it interesting when a band tweaks a song a little bit without fully remixing it, and I like comparing the new to the original. Definitely let this new version of “Chariot” put you to sleep tonight.

Anyways, more updates on the way. Enjoy this tracks until then. And remember, the Borat contest is still going on (see top of post) so make sure you read the contest and comment either in that post or this post.


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