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Hey everyone. I know, it’s been over a week since we made a post (with the exception of Adrian’s Brand New post today). I’d like to blame it all on the fact that Ezarchive is fairly incompetent but I must shoulder most of the blame. Basically I’ve been unmotivated and exhausted this past week, and that, teamed with the fact that everything here has been crazy this weekend (see: beer pong with my dad at 10am before the football game) has led to the lack of posts. I promise a more motivated Zack in the coming weeks.

We have to switch away from Ezarchive now since they have totally ruined everything for us. This means we have to re-host all of the files previously linked to on All Things Go, which is a long and tedious process, so bear with us. We have made the switch, temporarily, over to FileDen, though their 10GB bandwidth limit is incredibly small and probably will force us to move again, maybe to DreamHost or maybe to some real webhosting ( anyone?), but for now, its FileDen. If anyone has any suggestions or a super-server sitting around shout us a holler so we can get this thing going.
Also, we’ve been working on some new webdesigns, but since our budget is small (we’re broke college kids after all), we haven’t been able to come up with anything exciting. Our most professional new look (with a test post) can be seen over here. If anyone thinks they can make an awesome design for our site, please please please contact me at or at SmootIsMyIdol on AIM and I can discuss with you what we’re looking for. Who knows, maybe a big surprise prize will go to the best design, if we get enough submissions!
Anyways, the real reason for this post is to introduce the first of many All Things Go contests! I went to see the Borat movie last night, and I must say, it’s the single most offensive and racist movie I’ve ever seen (besides most all Spike Lee joints), which in no way means I did not enjoy it. In fact, I was worried the other people in the theater were getting annoyed at how often I burst into laughter. I, along with pretty much all of America, have been a huge fan of Sacha Baron Cohen for years, and was slightly skeptical of a full-length movie about a character in a skit (see: all SNL-themed movies), but I was very pleasantly surprised. Highlights of the movie include the “Running of the Jew”, Linnel the prostitute, and Borat referring to presidential candidate Alan Keyes as a “real genuine chocolate face”.

Our awesome friend Rosemary over at Cornerstone Promotion has hooked us up with some free stuff, and it’s contest time bitches! In honor of the fact that Borat was originally a skit in Da Ali G show, the contest is as follows: In 2-4 sentences (please no more than that), pick a character from any TV show or skit from a TV show and give me a plot summary of a movie based on that character. For example, I believe that Wilson from Home Improvement should have his own movie where he has his own talk show along the lines of Oprah, Dr. Phil, etc… and at the end of the movie you end up seeing his face. Ok, that wasn’t funny, but you guys get the picture.
The Grand Prize Winner (AKA the person who makes me laugh the most) will receive a copy of the Borat soundtrack, Borat: Stereophonic Musical Listenings That Have Been Origin In Moving Film, along with a promotional Borat poster. I have a copy of the soundtrack, and this prize is well worth it. Also, if we get enough submissions, two runner-ups will receive the poster and a Borat sticker (also super-cool!)

Just leave your summary in the comments along with your email address. I’ll announce the winners sometime this week, assuming you people actually leave submissions unlike every other time I ask you to comment and you don’t (it kills me inside). This should a fun contest, be creative and please actually participate!

For those of you unfamiliar with Borat’s style, check out this clip of Sacha (aka Borat) on The Daily Show last week:

By the way, I had my horns surgically removed too. I look forward to readng the submissions. Welcome back readers, All Things Go is active again.



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