Of Montreal Live 9/28/06

I’m still astounded by the number of great bands that stop in Virginia. UVA has a reputation, a deserved reputation for being Dave Matthew’s perpetual jock itch. He’s already played at least 3 times here in a matter of months. But enough about Dave. The latest of the live line up that I looked upon was Of Montreal. I know, we here at ATG have hard on’s for certain bands (TED LEO), and Of Montreal is no exception.

How could we not when their live performances include band members in dresses, hot pants, and are half naked. The make-up was a nice touch. Other theatrics included coming out hiding behind gigantic masks, use of nunchuks and a katana, and what appeared to be a murder. I couldn’t see very well, but of course these were accessory elements to the show.

Instead of relying on their airy, 60’s pop-esque music, Of Montreal devoted a large portion of their set to playing material off their new record. The whimsicality has been replaced with an almost sexual, electronic element. Of course, their new album is planned for a release in the near future (sorry I can’t be specific).

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  1. Katherine says:

    Ted Leo is playing at William & Mary in December. Maybe it will be open to the public?

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