Another Great Weekend + The Bishops

So my brother comes to visit me here in Madison for this homecoming weekend. My Badgers split a series with North Dakota in hockey, and the football team CRUSHES the Minnesota Gophers 48-12 to keep Paul Bunyan’s Axe, the prize for the victor of the storied rivalry. People are wearing shirts that say “Fuck Em Bucky” with a picture our mascot, Bucky Badger, throwing a football into the ass of Goldy the Golden Gopher. Other shirts simply say “Minnesota Golden Gophuck Yourselves”. Add in some heavy drinking, Chipotle burritos, sleeping on floors and sofas and you have the ingredients to a perfect weekend. Now onto some music:

The Bishops must be from the 1960s, because not many bands since have been able to almost perfectly emulate the feel and style of music that The Beatles and The Kinks developed in the golden age of simple pop music quite like these guys. They’ve already created some buzz for their debut EP “The Only Place I Can Look is Down” and will release the album on California’s I Am Sound Records in November.

With 2 to 2 and a half minute long pop gems, these guys have brought the 1960s BBC pop back in a big way. The first single and title track, “The Only Place I Can Look is Down” features harmonies similar to The Beatles and Kinks, and for some reason this song reminds me of Super Furry Animals. “In The Night” is more dancy and much more of a throwback. With drum rhythms almost identical to those played by Ringo Starr and layered harmonies, a signature of the 1960s brit-pop, The Bishops have turned back the clock. I played these two songs for my mom (who grew up in the 1960s and idolized The Beatles) and she fell in love with both. I’m pretty much repeating myself in different ways so why not just give you the music and let you draw your own conclusions. Jump on the bandwagon now, because soon it’ll be full.

The Bishops – The Only Place I Can Look is Down [download or die]
The Bishops – In The Night [download or die]


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