Look Mexico – The Crucial EP

I found this little gem of a band when I heard that Lujo Records (Drugstore Cowboys, Roy) had some new signees. Florida’s Look Mexico is the closest any band has come to in recreating the sound of American Football – they pull it off phenomenally. However, I would hardly say they’re the same. Firstly, the obvious difference in the production quality of both band’s material – rather than possessing a rough, atmospheric sound, Look Mexico’s recordings are more lush and vibrant. Look Mexico also demonstrates difference from its harbinger in style – while the band at times may share the same post-emo sound of American Football’s “Honestly?”, the guitarwork also falls into a more arpeggiated landscape, sometimes resembling the intricate yet driving hooks of Minus the Bear. Comparisons aside, Look Mexico’s The Crucial EP makes me feel warm inside. It’s feel-good music that should appeal to pretty much anybody.

Look Mexico – Call Off Your Lap Dog

Look Mexico – Guys I Need a Helicopter


6 Responses to Look Mexico – The Crucial EP

  1. Anonymous says:

    the links aren’t working!

  2. Adrian says:

    i tested them out and the links work fine

  3. Anonymous says:

    worked, thanks!! great songs

  4. Anonymous says:

    worked, thanks!! great songs

  5. Anonymous says:

    i’m really digging these guys. are they working on a cd? touring anymore? their website isn’t very informative

  6. Anonymous says:

    try their myspace for new stuff http://www.myspace.com/lookmexico — they hardly ever update their site.
    and yes they are going into the studio this week to record a full length with lujo records out of DC.

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