Finest Dearest

I can remember roughly a year ago downloading ‘Idaho’ by Finest Dearest and it playing in my iPod over and over… and over. Now, one member short, the five-piece group from San Francisco is mixing together a lovely little 7-inch that will come out at some point (though nowhere have I been able to find out when). Accompanying the release will be a tour through the northeast, so if you want to groove and you’re in the Seattle-Portland area, check them out, and then report back to me what you think of them live.

From ‘Idaho’ to their new song off their 7-inch, ‘Making a Sound 1,’ the change in sound shows quite a leap in musical growth and maturity for them. Their sound has a bit more edge and everything sounds a lot more alternative. Though the instrumentals are noisier, Carly’s vocals remain wonderful as ever. You can befriend them on MySpace here, where you can find tour dates and listen to older songs.

Finest Dearest – Making a Sound 1
Finest Dearest – March into Flames


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  1. jexx says:

    amaaaaazing. and I know it doesn’t really matter, but it’s the northwest that’s the seattle/portland area. simply nitpicking here…but we’ve got our pride too. *smile* but anyway, yes, they are amazing, thank you for calling them to my attention.

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