I’ve meant to post on Chris Tsagakis’ side project, Technology, for quite some time now. Tsagakis is more commonly known as the drummer for the Rx Bandits. In his spare time however, as well as being an accomplished artist on canvas, he also records electronic music of his own. I’ve only been able to find a couple of songs online, but I’m planning on ordering a copy of his cd in the near future. I suggest you all do the same (it’s only six bucks, why not?). Until then, here’s one of his tracks for download. “1337” is a fabulous, instrumental combination of electronic music with Tsagakis’ innovative drumwork. Be warned though: the song clocks in at over thirteen minutes long.

Technology – 1337


3 Responses to Technology

  1. He also opened for The Sound of Animals FIghting….

  2. Adrian says:

    true, i forgot about that. how many songs did he play?

  3. One long oneeeeeeeeeee

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