The Sound of Animals Fighting – Show Clips

Four clips have appeared for the bands only shows ever, the above one being the best. If any of you lucky few who went to the shows (meaning you Chris) managed to snag any other pictures or videos, please share them with us. Also, feel free to leave impressions on the shows in the comments.



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    thuis si my favorite video clip it may be short…but it sounds fantastic.

    The show was absolutely incerdible to say the least…

    The show opened with a techno-ish drum session by drummer Chris Tsagakis which was alright…

    Then Cinematic Sunrise took the stage and I thought they were a bit lack luster…filling in on guitar was the lead singer of Before Today…

    Then an Acoustic Set by Anthony Green who was really really high…his set was alright it just felt a bit thrown together at the last minute but he sounded great.

    Then Matt Embree’s acoustic set which blew my MIND! It honestly rivaled The Sound of Animals Fighting set. At one point he spoke about community and how it was deminishing in our society then he braught out his mother and they performed a cover of teh Beatle’s Cant Buy Me Love, which was absolutely amazing. THen he braught out some other friends of his and they played a few songs, but words cant honestly express how good he was.

    Finally The Sound of Animals Fighting’s set. The energy was absolutely incredible. They opened with “The Heretic” then went into Act’s 1-3 then “Un’Aria” and “Skullflower” and “Horses In The Sky” and “Stockhausen Es Ist Ihr Gehirn, Das Ich Suche” and i think they threw in “My Horse Must Lose” and then “This Heat” and then they closed with Act 4…it was absolutely incredible to say the least….um thats the best I can do so far…I never bring a camera to shows. But there were tons of great photos op’s and they have to pop up sooner or later.

  2. Jimmy says:

    I’m beyond jealous.

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